Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Devraj agrees to Yuvan’s marriage with Niyati


Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan asking where is Dadu. Manini says your Dadu won’t come with us. Yuvan asks Banni? Manini says she won’t and asks Hemant to make Yuvan sit in the car. Hemant asks Yuvan to sit. Yuvan pleads with his dad that he will stay with Dadu in jodhpur as his mom’s memories are in this house. Hemant says your Mom is dead and Manini is your Mom. Yuvan asks Banni to stop it as she promised him. Banni stands helpless. Manini says why Devraj didn’t come yet. Kalpana says he looks angry and I don’t think he will come to stop you. Yuvan cries holding Banni hand. Manini thinks her plan gets spoiled if Devraj didn’t come.

Devraj shares his pain with his wife. Niyati comes there with her bag. Yuvan calls Banni helplessly from the car. Banni runs inside and tells Devraj that they are taking Yuvan. Devraj stays calm. Banni asks if he knows? He nods yes. Banni says if you told me before. Devraj asks what she does. Banni says she may not do a lifetime friendship with him and it’s hurting to see Yuvan state and how can you live without Yuvan? You remember how you fall unconscious because of Bp when Manini separated Yuvan from you for a day. Devraj cries. Banni pleads with him to stop Yuvan.

Car is about to leave the mansion. Devraj stops the car and asks them to not separate Yuvan from him and agrees to Yuvan’s marriage with Niyati. Hemant says they will leave. Manini says let’s trust Dad and stay here and engagement will happen tomorrow and marriage will happen after a week. Yuvan hugs Devraj and holds Banni hand.

Later in the night, Banni shares to Vishnu how much she felt pain when they are separating Yuvan from her and he became an important person to me. Yuvan tells Devraj that he wants to grow up quickly so no one can separate them and he tells him he doesn’t want to marry that bad Pari. Devraj asks if she told him anything. Yuvan tells he doesn’t like her. Devraj thinks about how to stop the marriage. Banni says tomorrow he is getting engaged. Vishnu asks why he looks stressed. Banni says don’t know whether they can make me meet Yuvan or not post marriage.

Niyati congratulates Manini. Manini asks Niyati to win Devraj and Yuvan trusts to win their hearts then only we will get the property to finish our deal. Manini sees Viraj and asks Niyati to stay away from him otherwise he will make her learn to get defeated. Niyati says he is loyal and didn’t reveal your name. Manini says it’s because of money. Viraj comes there. Manini asks him if he is fine. He tells he is fine. Manini gifts him a watch and tells him that she won’t forget his favor and makes him get his share of the property. Viraj says that’s why he trusts her more than his mom.

Banni goes to feed tiffin to Yuvan. Niyati asks Manini what they have to do with Banni. Myra and Palak ask Manini to check the decorations. Yuvan asks Banni to dance to his music and tells her that he wants to dance with her. Banni asks him to learn from her and gifts to Niyati in the engagement. Yuvan requests her to dance wearing his mom’s Payal. Banni agrees and tells him she will return it after the dance. Yuvan feels happy seeing her wearing his Mom’s Payal. Manini tells Niyati that she will make Banni leave from here.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni challenges Niyati that she won’t come to feed Yuvan if she feeds him. Niyati accepts the challenge and tries to feed food to Yuvan.

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