Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Yuvan gets ready to do a promo shoot for Rocking star show


Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan and Banni talking about the Agastya traffic stopping incident. Banni asks Yuvan if Agastya can really do a good deed. Yuvan says yes and convinces Banni that she might be wrong. Yuvan also requests Banni to make Agastya take back the judge position. Banni gets a call from Priya from Rocking star. Priya asks Banni if she and Yuvan can come to the studio. Banni agrees to come. Banni says about it to Yuvan. Yuvan also says we will go there and apologise to Agastya and make him take the judge position again. Banni thinking of what happened feels guilty about Agastya.

Agastya recalls what happened with Param Kapoor his father. Param Kapoor humiliates Agastya and says he can make anyone a bigger rock star than her.

Priya gives Banni the contract that Yuvan has to sign and says they have to shoot a promo. Banni asks Priya if she can do something so that Agastya can become the judge again. Yuvan sees Rohan and points Banni to him. Rohan brings Banni and Yuvan to the place where Agastya is. Banni goes to meet Agastya but Rohan stops him. Rohan says Agastya is meditating. Banni asks about it. Rohan says to Banni that Agastya looks for answers in some silent places. Banni says this is completely different from Yuvan and says when Yuvan is sad he just plays music. Banni thinks they should meet him another time.

Yuvan says no and asks Banni to think of a way to apologise to Yuvan. Banni thinks of making a video and asks Rohan to record them apologising and later show it to Agastya. Yuvan and Banni apologise to Agastya saying they understood that he stopped the traffic last time to help the old man. They also apologise as because of them he lost his position as the judge. After making the video they leave from there.

The next day Agastya is shown to be watching the video of them apologising while punching the punching bag. Rohan says to Agastya that he thinks they are genuinely apologising. Agastya looks at the video and leaves taking Banni’s name. Rohan asks Agastya not to do anything.

Priya and the Rocking star crew are shown to be in Rathod mansion preparing to do a promo shoot for Yuvan. Banni and Devraj talk about Manini interrupting them if she comes back. Charmi says there is no need to worry and Manini will come late. Viraj seeing all this asks himself what is going on. Agastya comes to Rathod mansion. Priya and the Rocking star crew talk about Agastya and hope that he doesn’t make any trouble. Agastya gives a bouquet to Banni.

Banni thinks Agastya accepted their apology and starts introducing everyone in the house. Devraj welcomes him as a guest. Priya says to Agastya that they never thought he would come here. Agastya says to the crew that he might not be the judge but this show is quite close to his heart. Yuvan feels uncomfortable in his suit.

Yuvan calls Banni. Banni goes to Yuvan’s room and helps him put a smiley on his pocket. Yuvan then feels comfortable in his suit. When the crew asks about it. Banni says this is his style. Agastya also follows Banni and sees this. Banni also gives Yuvan his medicine and Agastya sees this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan will be not able to dance with another woman and the actress walks away in anger. The crew thinks how can they shoot without a lady. Yuvan proposes to use Banni. Banni is shown to be dancing a duet with Yuvan for the photo shoot. Agastya seeing them thinks to himself and says sorry Yuvan you are a good singer but you can never be a rock star.

The episode starts with Agastya and Banni watching how people are boycotting Agastya and rocking star show in support of Yuvan. Rohan asks Agastya to get ready and says they can discuss with Priya and Shruti how to control this backlash before it goes against them. Ngo people say they won’t let shooting happen. Shruthi calls Agastya and tells him that because of his insensitive behavior sponsors are backing out. She asks him to not come to the set until they manage the situation. Agastya breaks the phone. He says Banni did it and she has to pay for this act.

On the way, Agastya calls someone to control the situation. People burn Agastya posters and throw stones at the set. Police try to control the situation. Yuvan feels happy knowing people are fighting for her. He thanks her. Banni says it’s happened because of Myra. Yuvan thanks, Myra. The reporter says today Audience will judge the fate of the Judge. Banni says hope Yuvan gets a chance. Myra says he will.

Agastya comes to the studio. people surround Agastya’s car with a boycott slogan. Rohan asks the driver to take them back. Agastya says they can’t go back otherwise it’s like accepting that we did a mistake. Banni says hope people won’t hurt him in anger. Agastya comes out of the car and he gets hurt when people throw a stone at him. Yuvan watches it on tv and tells it to Banni. Agastya asks people how can he give chance to a mentally imbalanced person and he tells consequences if Yuvan becomes a rocking star. Ngo woman says you’re right but who gave you the right to insult Yuvan so you need to apologize to him. People demand his apology.

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