Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Banni leaves the Mandap


Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni getting up from the Mandap and saying that she is a business woman. She is only just a friend of Yuvan that’s why she came here. I have to tell this to another woman. Why should everyone point at a woman no matter whether it is right or wrong? I am a friend of Yuvan that’s why I care for him. Yuvan comes and says they are husband and wife and hugs her. Banni pushes Yuvan away. My customers nearly died this time I can’t handle this anymore.

Banni gives the reports to Devraj and says if he can do something for Yuvan do it. As she can’t do it anymore as Yuvan crossed their friendship bottom line. Banni goes away and Yuvan tries to stop her but he is held back. Vishnu sees Banni and asks what happened inside. Devraj and Hemanth try to handle Yuvan. Manini says now what are we going to do. Banni rejected you. There is no need to fear Niyati is there for you. Niyati asks Manini if she played a risky game.

Manini says whatever decision she takes she will take it after thinking. Devraj went to Banni to propose marriage and she rejected them. Manini says she is very proud and I hurt that pride. We have to take risks sometimes. Niyati asks how does she knows this. Manini says she heard Devraj and Myra talking. Devraj says he should not let this marriage happen.

Vishnu asks Banni what happened inside. Banni says to Vishnu to leave her alone for some time. Yuvan thinks of what happened. Pandit Ji tells it is time for Phere. Banni thinks of what happened. The Dhol people come and make sounds and Yuvan feels dizzy. Manini asks Hemanth to stop them. Hemanth tries to stop them.

While that is going on Myra pours oil in the Havan and the fire becomes big and he remembers what happened with her mom and he tried to go near the fire and Hemanth stops him. Devraj says I am sorry you need to suffer to stop this marriage instead of life long suffering. I have to do it to save you. Devraj tells Myra to take care of Yuvan. Devraj says he has to go. Myra asks where is he going. Devraj says he needs to take some strict measures to save Yuvan.

Banni cries to herself in a temple. Devraj says he knows what happened today is. Banni says is wrong what happened today is wrong. I know if they put sindhur in our maang then the marriage will happen but it is only when both the people agree. Yuvan doesn’t even understand the concept of marriage. Devraj says he understands one thing and says a real friend is who. The quality of a good wife first is a good friend right.

Precap – When Banni will get on the horse we can hear Devraj’s voice saying take Yuvan and run away. Banni takes Yuvan on a horse and runs away infront of Hemanth and Manini.

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