Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th August 2022 Written Update: Banni and Devraj notice a shocking change in Yuvan


Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan asking Banni where is his Mom’s star. Devraj asks the technician to brighten another star. The technician does it. Banni shows the star to Banni. Yuvan feels happy. He requests his mom to show him a sign that she forgives him. Yuvan shows her a sorry card and plays the violin. Devraj asks the technician to shower star ballons on Yuvan.

The Technician releases star balloons. Banni asks Yuvan to observe it. Yuvan feels happy to receive golden balloons. Devraj comes there. Yuvan happily informs Devraj that his mom has forgiven him. Yuvan plays another tune for his mom. The technician calls Devraj and Banni outside telling them their manager wants to meet them. Banni says it’s not good to leave Yuvan here. The technician says Yuvan is fine here. Devraj goes out with Banni to thank the manager.

The manager tries to keep Devraj and Banni busy with his talks. Devraj asks what he wants to talk to them about. The manager goes aside to receive calls. Banni checks Yuvan is fine. She returns. The manager asks Banni to provide tiffin services to them. Banni agrees. Star gets blasted and that smoke doesn’t let Yuvan breathe.

Yuvan calls Banni and Devraj for help. Banni and Devraj go near the door and notices it’s locked. Security says it’s locked from inside. Babbi gets worried seeing the smoke. The technician leaves saying he will check. The manager says the door is locked because of a short circuit. Banni feels worried and she tries to enter the control room but the security doesn’t allow her. Banni asks Devraj to call fire brigade people and she tries to break the door. The technician stops her and tells her the signal is back. He opens the door.

Banni and Devraj enter inside. They see Yuvan is happy and notices some change in him. Yuvan says they have to go home. Yuvan returns home and starches saying, mom. Devraj and Banni ask whom he is searching. Yuvan says it’s a secret that he can’t reveal. Banni looks confused. Yuvan removes the garland from Vandana’s photo. Banni and Devraj ask what he is doing. Yuvan says his mom is with him so it’s not needed. Banni takes him to feed him food. Banni tries to feed food to Yuvan but he searches for something. Banni tells Devraj about the change in Yuvan. Yuvan notices Manini. He runs and hugs her happily calling her mamma.

Banni and Devraj stand shocked. Others get shocked too. Manini reciprocates the hug. Yuvan calls her to show her something. He makes Manini sit and feeds her first bite to her saying he feeds the first bite to the person he loves the most. Manini asks him to eat food. Yuvan asks her to make him eat. Banni asks if she threatened Yuvan? Yuvan says no one threatened him. Banni apologizes to Yuvan for stopping him. Manini says this the first time he called me mom and feeds him food with affection. Banni and Devraj discuss something has happened.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan plays piano with Banni. The next day customers come to confront Banni for sending them spoiled food.

The episode starts with Banni saying Yuvan will eat with everyone and if his mom is alive then she may want the same. Banni serves food to Yuvan. Yuvan feeds the first bite to Banni saying he loves her the most. Manini praises Banni’s effort to make them get reunited. Everyone claps. Manini says from today onwards they have to eat food at the dining table. She asks Viraj and Charmi to apologize to Banni and Yuvan.

Viraj thinks he may never apologize but he needs to do it for Manini’s plan. Viraj and Charmi apologize to them. Manini asks Banni to give a sign that she forgives them. Yuvan looks disturbed and he tells Banni that he doesn’t get any sign from his mom so she is still angry. He runs to his room in tears. Yuvan in tears asks his mom to send a sign that she forgave him.

Banni feels bad seeing Yuvan’s state. She tells Devraj that the issue is again going to the starting point and how to console him. Devraj thinks he needs to search solution. Later Banni delivers her food. Ladies ask how her husband is allowing her to do her work. Banni says no one can separate her from her work. She thinks to see what happens to Devraj’s plan. Yuvan is confused to choose a shirt. He says Banni will choose a shirt and will stitch Moon on it like mom. Banni returns home. Devraj asks her to manage him. Banni chooses a dress and sends him to get ready. Yuvan goes to get ready. Banni thinks taking Yuvan to the planetarium is not good.

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