Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th July 2022 Written Update: Manini arranges court marriage for Yuvan and Niyati


Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni asking Devraj if he wants to see their friendship as a husband and wife. Devraj says he doesn’t want to get her away from Yuvan’s life because of this reason and you guys have a beautiful friendship. Banni says they are friends. Devraj says he knows Yuvan is not for marriage.

Banni says she didn’t mean it and she has to fulfill her dream and I will marry the person who will help me to fulfill my goal and I can’t give all my time to Yuvan as it’s to fulfill my dreams so tell to Yuvan that I can’t become his wife and this sindoor is just a red color to me. She leaves. Devraj prays Shiv Ji. He thinks it’s Yuvan’s life matter. He sternly decides to make her marry Yuvan.

Banni cleans her sindoor in the river and shouts in tears. While coming out she gets hurt in her feet. Devraj witnesses everything. Banni leaves. The doctor checks Yuvan and tells Hemanth that he is traumatized. Hemanth asks if he wants them to shift him to the hospital. The doctor says he will check him. Manini thinks Devraj and Banni stopped the marriage but it can’t get halted, what to do.

Later Hemanth confronts his Dad and tells him that he can never forgive him for the torture he gave to Yuvan to stop the marriage. Veer says they know that you’re the one who hired dhol people and Manini is not treating Yuvan like Stepmother but you’re. Devraj says I know you guys will blame me but won’t you think why I did to Yuvan who is the reason for my living? I can’t let this Niyati marry Yuvan. Manini says you did it because I chooses Niyati.

Devraj says I can never trust you and till now I’m alone in saving Yuvan but now Banni joined me and she will become a protection to Yuvan as she knows how to fulfill her responsibility of friendship and you arranged dhol in Mahashivaratri and this time I did same. Manini thinks she will break his pride the next day.

The next day Banni packs her tiffins for her customers. She says Yuvan has to live without her food. Vishnu says it’s good as he just gave you tensions. Banni says no, Yuvan is an amazing friend and he saved my respect and I can forgive all his mistakes because of it that’s why I always worry for her but I won’t involve in that house problems and my dedication will be on how to implement my business as Devraj will take care of Yuvan.

Devraj prays God and asks driver to takes him quickly go Banni house. Myra calls Devraj and informs him that Mom is planning for court marriage of Yuvan and I saw it in Dad’s mail. Devraj gets shocked. He meets Banni and tells her that he needs to talk with her about an important matter. Banni asks Yuvan is fine or not.

Episode ends.

Precap – When Banni will get on the horse we can hear Devraj’s voice saying take Yuvan and run away. Banni will take Yuvan on a horse and runs away in front of Hemanth and Manini.

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