Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th June 2022 Written Update: The Rathods blame Banni for abducting Yuvan


Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manini asking Banni where she hid Yuvan. Banni asks why will she hide him? Niyati says to stop this engagement. Manini complains to Hemant that Banni is brainwashing Yuvan with her sweet words and I’m worried more about Yuvan because of her.

Banni says stop your accusations and I’m giving affection and love to Yuvan as he is not getting it from his family members. She receives call and tells them she will deliver extra food. Niyati asks her where is Yuvan.

Banni says you guys have to know where is he. Devraj asks Banni what Yuvan talked to her in the last night. Banni says he said sorry and then talked about Moon and hide and seek. Devraj says hide and seek! Banni recalls that Yuvan asked her where she used to hide in the hide and seek. Banni tells him she hides in the water tank until her mom’s anger gets disappeared. She asks Myra to check the tank.

Banni goes to the washroom of Yuvan. She asks everyone to move slowly. Manini says she is fooling us. Everyone goes out. Yuvan comes out from the water tub and thinks no one found him. Banni catches him. Yuvan tells Banni that her idea worked and none caught him. Manini asks what it means. Banni says I just told you about my childhood memory. She asks why he did it. Yuvan goes out telling them he doesn’t want to marry bad Pari.

Manini says Banni is talented and she is using Yuvan to stop this engagement. Devraj says we know Yuvan follows other words and he doesn’t wish to marry Niyati. Manini says we already talk about it. Manini says Yuvan is handsome and his bank balance is more beautiful that’s why she is eyeing Yuvan for the property.

Banni questions the same to Niyati and asks her if she gets married to Yuvan if he doesn’t have money? Niyati says enough of these questions, my mom faced the same situation as Yuvan and she left me in an orphanage that’s why I want to marry Yuvan to make him feel better as I know his pain. Yuvan gives her tissues. Niyati smirks wiping her tears. Hemant says hope you got your answer Banni. He tells Niyati that they are her family too from here onwards.

Banni says I don’t know about your heart but I saw the pain in your words. Niyati says you can express your feelings easily unlike me and previously I want you to leave here as I want to take care of him for a lifetime and can you write in the paper that you can come here to take care of Yuvan for a lifetime? Yuvan smiles and sees Banni with hope. Banni stands confused.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anchal, and Kalpana will say how engagement will happen without rings. Manini will ask Banni if she took the rings. Later Yuvan will make Banni wear the engagement ring. Manini will mock Banni and blames Banni that she is eyeing wealth of Yuvan. Banni will try to remove the ring but it won’t come out.

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