Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th November 2022 Written Update: Yuvan feels guilty


Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Tulika explaining to Banni that her marriage with Kabir has already happened when she was unconscious. Tulika says she wanted to tell everyone the truth but Kabir asked her not to tell anyone and Kabir said he will feel bad if she said to anyone that their marriage already happened. Tulika says this marriage now is just a formality. Tulika says she tried to tell the truth but she couldn’t. Banni feels shattered hearing this and falls on the ground. Banni cries to herself hearing the news of Kabir and Tulika already got married.

Agastya shows Banni to Yuvan and says this is the pain Banni is suffering because of Kabir in him. Banni is shown to be to crying to herself. Yuvan feels guilty for Banni’s situation and thinks he doesn’t even have the right to wipe Banni’s tears. Yuvan leaves from there. Devraj tries to comfort Banni. Tulika also feels guilty and tries to encourage Banni saying this marriage is not done by Yuvan and says it is done by Kabir. Tulika says this marriage has no meaning. Tulika says Yuvan will only be hers forever. Banni hearing Yuvan’s name looks for him. Banni goes to find Yuvan.

Banni calls Yuvan. Yuvan asks Banni to stay away from him. Yuvan says he doesn’t deserve her love. Banni says she will never stay away from her Yuvan and says there is no need for a third person to tell what Yuvan means to Banni and vice Versa.
Yuvan sees the wounds on Banni’s hands. Banni lies to Yuvan that these wounds are from the kitchen but Yuvan understands these wounds are given by Kabir. Banni encourages Yuvan and says now first they need to take Kabir out of his body and mind.

Tulika recalls what happened and thinks there is no meaning for this marriage and says to herself it is a lie and Kabir is a lie and says Banni is going to kill Kabir as she will treat Yuvan completely. Tulika’s inner soul comes out in the mirror and reminds her that she betrayed Banni by lying to her that Kabir gave her a sleeping pill and she married Kabir in an unconscious state. Tulika’s inner soul says but Tulika knows the truth that Tulika said yes to the marriage with a sound mind. Tulika recalls what happened.

It is shown Kabir will bring Tulika to marry her. Tulika asks Kabir why did she bring her here? Kabir says they are going to marry right now and says they are going to marry tomorrow infront of everyone for a formality. Tulika tries to convince Kabir that they will do marriage tomorrow. Kabir threatens Tulika that he will kill himself if she doesn’t agree to the marriage. Tulika hearing this agrees to Kabir’s proposal of marriage. Tulika thinks she made a big mistake by marrying Kabir.

All the family members worry about Yuvan and Kabir. Veer tries to convince Hemanth to make Yuvan join the mental hospital. Hemanth and Veer argue with each other about this. Veer reminds Hemanth that he was not here when Kabir is roaming around the house with a sword in his hand and says if Kabir found Veer or Viraj then they would have been dead. Veer leaves saying nobody will understand the problem until a few bodies drop in this house.

Banni brings food for Tulika. Tulika hides her Mangalsutra with a scarf from Banni. Banni asks Tulika to eat the food. Tulika says she is not hungry. Banni says to Tulika that she knows marriage is a big dream for any girl and Kabir spoiled her dream. Tulika asks Banni not to talk like that. Banni understands Tulika doesn’t want to talk about it. Banni comforts Tulika and leaves from there. Tulika couldn’t see into Banni’s eyes because of guilt.

Episode ends

Precap – Yuvan will be shown crying to himself while holding Banni’s photo. Banni and Tulika also cry to themselves about their situation. Tulika is shown to be telling Banni that Yuvan’s mother was murdered. Tulika says to Banni that Kabir knows the name of the murderer. Tulika says until the criminal is not brought to justice Kabir will never go away. Banni says she will find out who killed Yuvan’s mother. Banni is shown to have tied up all the Rathod Family. Banni has a knife in her hand and walks infront of the Rathod family.

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