Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th July 2022 Written Update: Banni shares her past with Yuvan


Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vishnu calling Banni and informing her that he delivered all tiffins to customers using her idea and Viraj doesn’t even know that I’m using him. Banni says she will tease Viraj a lesson once they return for the way he treated Yuvan. Viraj sees Banni’s letter in his car window. He gets mad after learning he helped her to deliver her food. Manini calls the media home and she accuses Banni saying she kidnapped their son.

She requests people to inform them about Yuvan’s location and tells them that they will give them good awarding money. Banni sees everything on phone. Local people see Banni wanted posters. Vishnu on call informs Banni about everything. Banni says she is trying to damage my image. She asks Vishu to upload the video she sent on youtube. Vishnu agrees.

Media people receive notifications. Anchal says Banni sent a video. Veer asks her to play it on tv as she may demand the ransom in it. They play the video. Banni says hello everyone, I’m not selfish like you, and thanks to your Viraj who helped me to deliver my tiffin, and I brought Yuvan with me to protect him from the forceful marriage. She calls Yuvan. Yuvan says he is happy with his friend Banni and she didn’t kidnap him and he goes with Banni with his will and he didn’t want to return home as Viraj beat him.

Yuvan shows how Viraj beat him. Media people record everything. Yuvan says he doesn’t want to return home. Police witnessed everything. Brinda smiles and thinks they get their lesson. Banni ends the video. Hemant asks where is that stupid Viraj. Police say this video is proving Banni is right and you guys are wrong. Manini thinks she has to find Yuvan before it’s too late.

Vishnu asks the Tempo driver to deliver carriages to Banni. Viraj sees them and follows the tempo to find Banni. On the way, he informs Manini that he will find the Yuvan location soon. On the way, Maami asks Maamu to think about how to make Banni agree to the marriage. Banni notices there is no lock for the bathroom. Yuvan assures to guard the bathroom. Banni goes to freshen up. Yuvan doesn’t leave the door even if it hurts him. Banni comes out and gets to know he didn’t leave the door because of his promise. His care touches him.

Banni feeds food to Yuvan. She feels sad seeing the decorations in the temple. Yuvan notices she is sad. He asks her to tell him why she is crying. Banni says he can’t understand it as it’s deep talk. Yuvan says he can understand and asks her to tell him.

Banni says on this Tej festival my life is changed, my mom used to support my Dad with her work but he used to beat her without understanding her and on Tej day people who gave money to my Dad tries to hit my Dad for money but he escaped from there using my mom as a guard and she gets badly injured but he left her in that state. Yuvan comforts Banni by hugging her.

Episode ends.

Recap – Yuvan will ask what kind of husband does she want. Banni says the one who understands her past. Yuvan says like me. Banni says he has to take care of me like my mom. Yuvan says like he does. Banni says he has to support her to achieve her dreams. Yuvan says like me.

Yuvan takes Banni to God and prays to him to give a husband like him to Banni but don’t make him a mental patient like me. Yuvan thinks If I wake Banni up like this how can I comfort her I will just sleep like this with Banni. Banni’s Mamisa and Mamosa will go to the temple and they see Yuvan is shirtless and sleeping with Banni on the bed.

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