Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th June 2022 Written Update: Banni performs a special dance at Yuvan’s request


Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni bringing Yuvan to the engagement venue. She sends him with Myra. Yuvan shows his moon to Devraj. Niyati and Yuvan sit on the stage. Palak announces she is going to perform with Viraj and Charmi for this special occasion. They entertain everyone with their dance. Anchal announces that Niyati is bringing a special gift for Yuvan. Yuvan asks Banni to dance for him. Banni refuses. Manini asks Banni to dance for Yuvan’s happiness. Yuvan requests her then she agrees.

Banni performs for Jag goomena song. Yuvan joins her. Hemant and others enjoy the performance. Everyone claps for their performances. Anchal leaves seeing engagement ring boxes. Manini gives Banni money for her dance. Yuvan claps. Devraj asks why she is treating Banni in this way. Banni says don’t worry Dada Ji as money knows whom it reaches. She handovers that money to servents of Rathod mansion. She asks them to pray for Yuvan and Niyati’s engagement. Devraj claps.

Anchal searches jewellery boxes. Kalpana goes to her sister and tells her that she is missing all the fun. Anchal says real drama will happen now. Kalpana asks what happened. Hemant says let’s start engagement. Banni asks them to allow Yuvan to say the poetry he wrote for Niyati. Hemant tells he is excited. Charmi feels worried. Yuvan recites his poetry with Saand words. Everyone smiles. Niyati asks why he is making fun of her in her engagement. Banni asks why he changed his poetry. Yuvan tells them Charmi asked him to change.

Charmi says she said it for fun. Veer says leave it and let’s start the engagement. Anchal says how engagement will happen as rings are missing. Banni says everything is getting missing and seems like muhurta is not good. Manini asks if she hides the rings. Banni says she didn’t do it. Hemant asks Yuvan if he hides the rings? Yuvan denies.

Manini asks everyone to search for rings. Veer asks guests to enjoy the party. Banni thinks Yuvan has to bear many scolding if he took those rings. Devraj goes to his room and sees the rings he stole. Myra comes there and calls him like Manini. He drops rings in tension. Myra tells him he did good work. Devraj says he wants to stop the marriage.

Myra says Yuvan’s fate may change for good. Banni takes Yuvan aside and if he is sure that he didn’t make rings? Yuvan says he didn’t. He asks her to feed him food. Banni says she will feed him post engagement. Niyati asks him to taste the food she got for him. Yuvan throws it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan will make Banni wear the engagement ring and announces they are engaged. Manini will insult Banni by pointing out her status.

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