Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Banni saves Yuvan from the colony people


Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni stopping Yuvan. She asks Devraj to take Yuvan. Raja comes there with a mike and creates chaos by Banni and Yuvan’s pictures and mocks Banni saying Yuvan’s words sorry Banni, I agree that I slept with you but I will never sleep with you. Banni asks if he did it. Raja says he was in jail for the last 2 days. Banni slaps him.

Raja forwards Yuvan’s video to the colony people. Banni tries to throw their phones. Colony people say it’s all happened because of this Yuvan. They beat Yuvan. Banni stop them saying Yuvan is innocent. Raja says she may be got money to shut her mouth.

Colony people ask Banni why she is saving Yuvan and what kind of relationship they have. Banni says they are friends. Colony people say now we realized that you’re like your mom and we won’t let you stay in our place. They break things of Banni’s house. Devraj sends Yuvan with the driver. Maamisa asks Devraj to talk with Banni. Banni tries to stop the colony people but they didn’t.

Manini and Hemant see Yuvan’s video on their phones. Manini says Banni trapped Yuvan. Hemant says don’t worry as I will take Yuvan to London. Manini thinks her plan gets spoiled if he takes him to London. Banni requested people to not break her Mom’s kitchen but they didn’t listen. Banni holds a box related to her mom tightly. Devraj takes her inside. Yuvan escapes from Driver.

Banni tells Devraj that she will prove her innocence to everyone. Devraj says you can’t prove it like you failed to prove your mom’s innocence and these people won’t let you live and you can’t fight with them. Banni says she will fight. Devraj says you can’t. Banni asks how to stop it. Devraj says this world started seeing your relationship with Yuvan from a wrong angle. He asks her to marry Yuvan.

Yuvan hurts his hand while saving Banni’s mother’s photo. Devraj says he will stop everything by announcing he chooses her as Yuvan’s partner from the start. Banni asks what about the girl he chooses. Devraj says he can manage as he always wishes to make her Yuvan’s partner. Banni looks on. Devraj says finally he got the courage to tell her about his wish and tries to convince her to marry Yuvan. Banni recalls Yuvan’s words and thinks he has all qualities she wants to have in her husband.

Episode ends.

Recap – Yuvan tells Banni that he can’t see her in tears. Colony people try to separate Banni and Yuvan and don’t allow them to hold their hands.

The episode starts with Maamisa saying to Banni that they came here when Devraj told them and the world is busy gossiping that the daughter followed her mother’s footsteps. Banni gets shocked. She says nothing happened between them. Yuvan explains the same. He tells Devraj that Banni is not forgiving him.

Banni says who clicked this photo and who wants to defame me. Maamisa says it hardly matters as the world is trusting this photo and the world is seeing your relationship with Yuvan like a relationship between Boy and girl. No matter what you say but people trust photos. Banni asks Dadu to trust her, she says nothing happened between her and Yuvan. Devraj says he trusts her.

Maamisa says Yuvan’s confession in front of Devotees is giving strength to this photo and we can’t bear the insults again. One day Teej spoiled your mom’s life and now it’s your life so marry Yuvan to avoid this disgrace. Banni says no, no such thing happened between me and Yuvan. She leaves. Yuvan follows her.

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