Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd January 2023 Written Update: Banni decides to leave the Rathod’s house with Atharva


Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Doctor checking Kabir’s condition and telling family members that Kabir needs complete rest for his quick recovery. He leaves. Devraj says Kabir may leave once he gains consciousness. Banni says Kabir will listen to you so talk to him. Devraj says he feels everything gets settled after Kuldevi puja and asks family members to get ready and tells them that it’s going to be 3 days trip. Banni asks who will be with Kabir as Doctor said he needs complete bed rest. Devraj says Banni will take care of Kabir. He asks Banni to not disappoint him. Banni agrees. Everyone leaves. Charmi requests Banni to forgive her. She says your heart is big and I believe one day you will forgive me and I will wait for that day.

Kabir gains consciousness. He calls Devraj and Viraj. Banni goes to Kabir and asks him what happened. Kabir asks her to call others. Banni tells him no one is at home. Kabir says he doesn’t need her help and asks her to leave the house taking the baby. Banni is about to leave. She sees Kabir slipping. Banni helps him. She says you’re not in a position to take care of yourself and I promised Devraj that I will take care of you. Kabir asks Banni to keep Atharva away from his room.

Banni refuses and tells him that Atharva is their shadow. Kabir searches his phone to call a nurse for his help. Banni tells him his phone is broken and her phone is missing. Banni sees a reminder in her watch and gives the tablet to Kabir. She brings food and is about to feed him but he stops saying he can eat. She sees he is struggling then she feeds him and asks him how is the food. Kabir is about to tell good. He sees Atharva start crying. He asks Banni to feed milk to Atharva first and tells her that he will eat food after he drank milk. Banni smiles seeing his concern. She goes to get milk for Atharva.

Later in the night, Kabir wakes up and notices Banni is sleeping alone and thinks where is Atharva? He tries to wake up Banni to know about Atharva but she doesn’t wake up. He goes to search for Atharva by himself. Banni opens her eyes and smiles. Kabir notices Atharva in cold weather and feels worried. Banni comes there and smiles upon seeing them. Kabir asks why she placed the baby in cold weather. Banni says Devraj asked you to keep under the moonlight as Kuldevi puja is for you but you’re injured so I placed your son in place of you. Kabir scolds her for not asking him.

Banni tells him that he loves and cares for his son. Kabir says he doesn’t love him. He says you always see good in me but I’m not good. Banni asks him to see from her eyes and tells him that for Banni “Yuvan and Kabir are same and tells him that she will cure him with her love and affection and asks him to give her one chance by admitting that he cares for Atharva”. Kabir says he doesn’t care for Atharva. Banni asks won’t he come to save Atharva if he lands in danger. Kabir says he won’t. Banni says alright and tells him she decides to leave the house with Atharva.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir to say to Banni that soon her dream will come true and soon there will be a chain of restaurants with Banni Chow’s name. Kabir and all the family members take a selfie

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