Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th June 2022 Written Update: Manini humiliates Banni


Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni asking Yuvan why he disrespected the food. Yuvan says he wants Banni’s food. Manini asks Banni to get food. Banni leaves. Manini scolds Niyati for why she tried to feed the food in front of guests when she knows he can’t eat.

Manini announces Banni will feed food to Yuvan. She tells the guest that they are giving so much salary to her. Viraj and Charmi didn’t get rings. Charmi mocks Kalpana. Kalpana says I’m pity for you Viraj as you married this illiterate for Manini. Palak asks them to stop their fights to search the rings.

Manini asks Anchal why she called her. If she got the rings. Anchal asks Manini to use her engagement rings. Manini says don’t become senti as it happened for good. Anchal says dreams will break along with relationships. Manini says expecting something from others will give us pain so expect from you along. Anchal asks how can she be so strong. Manini says everyone has a past that decides their future and I learned from my past and I didn’t cry like others. She leaves saying they can use the rings.

Yuvan talks with his Mom’s photo about his plan. Hemant tells Veer that previously he felt weird when Manini tell him about the alliance but now I’m feeling good as Yuvan is getting a partner and he doesn’t need to talk with his mom’s photo.

Yuvan asks her mom to not reveal his secret to anyone. Banni feeds food to Yuvan. Yuvan asks Banni to eat the laddoo he gets from the temple. Banni asks him to give her laddoo. Yuvan asks her to close her eyes. She does it. Yuvan places his mom’s photo in front of them and makes Banni wear the engagement ring.

Banni gets shocked seeing the ring and asks what he did. Yuvan announces he got engaged to Banni. Everyone gets shocked. Yuvan says they will marry soon and showers flowers on Banni. Devraj feels happy. Banni tries to remove the ring but it won’t come out. Yuvan lifts Banni hand and shows the ring to everyone.

Yuvan tells Banni that it’s his mom’s favorite ring and we can get married then no one will separate us and isn’t a great idea. Hemant asks Yuvan why he makes Banni wear the ring when he is getting engaged to Niyati. Yuvan says he will get engaged to Niyati also. Manini asks Banni what she wants to say. Banni asks what will she say. Guests ask isn’t she caretaker. Manini humiliates Banni saying Banni is dreaming to become rich by manipulating Yuvan and trying to marry him. Guest says this girl is so smart.

Banni says I’m not servant as you feel and I’m business women and I came here to get food but I’m making Yuvan eat food as this Manini is just name sake mothers and I’m unlike her that’s why I give affection and love along with my food and I have a relation with my customers and Yuvan is my friend forever and I can see the accusation in everyone eyes but tell me if you think in this way if he makes it wear to a rich girl? What’s wrong if I dream to become rich? Manini apologies to Neeta and says Banni is illiterate and she doesn’t know how to speak. Banni looks hurt.

Episode ends.

Recap – Manini will ask Banni to get out of their house. At the market, Raja will give 7 days for Banni to repay his loan and tells her that he will marry her if she fails to pay his 3lakhs. Viraj will beat Yuvan.

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