Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th June 2022 Written Update: Manini and Niyati plan to take over Yuvan’s property


Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manini making arrangements for coming of Niyati. Brinda comes and asks if some special guest is coming. Malini says there is a very special guest coming. Niyati gets out of the car. Banni comes and gives the security guard somes sweets and balloons to him and says to give it to the children who play her.

The security guard asks why. Banni says his brother is going to be a doctor. Yuvan sees that Banni is entering the house from the window and thinks Banni is the Pari that her mother sent. Kalpana prepares Aarti for Niyati and Charmi says she will give Aarti to Niyati as she is this house daughter in law and not her.

Kalpana gives her the Aarti. Banni collides with Niyathi and her phone drops. Niyathi says there is no need to say Sorry but just pick up her phone. Banni says she will pick it up but she has to catch it or it will break just like her ego. Banni picks her phone into the air with her leg. Niyati tries to catch it but she couldn’t. Banni enters the hall there will be a flower shower for her entry.

Malini tells the servants to stop. Niyati enters after Banni. Niyati says hi to everyone. Malini asks what is Banni doing here. Devraj announces to everyone that Banni will not only prepare food for Yuvan but also feed him. Malini says to say thank you to Banni and let her leave as for taking care of Yuvan her fiance Niyati is here. Yuvan comes and asks Banni if she brought Kheer for him.

Banni says there is but he has to first eat lunch only then he will be allowed to eat kheer. Malini says to Yuvan that her status is a maid in which he hears stories of Raja and Rani and shows Niyati and says she is pari. Niyati takes Kheer away from Yuvan but he takes it back. Malini says her mother will get angry if he doesn’t listen to Niyati.

Yuvan says no and says her mother used to feed Yuvan Kheer. If she is pari sent by her mother then she should know Yuvan will like Kheer but this new pari takes it away. Niyati shows what she brought for him. Yuvan says you may misunderstand and Pari will be Banni, not Niyati who snatches my kheer.

Niyati tries to snatch kheer and asks him to taste things she brought for him. Kheer flies. Banni holds it and says she can’t enter Yuvan’s heart with her stubbornness. Niyati says she handles many cases. Banni says he is not the case and tells her that she will make Yuvan eat complete food not only kheer. Devraj feels happy.

Banni feeds food to him. Niyati says it’s tough to believe she is not part of the family. Banni gives her visiting card and asks her to give her the food contract of her marriage to her. Manini says they will order food from a 5-star hotel. Banni tells they can’t get her taste and love in hotel food. Yuvan tells Kheer is not hot. She tells him she will warm it up. Devraj tells Hemant that he needs to talk with him. He agrees.

Later Manini hugs Hemant and tells him that his Dad wants to talk with him about Yuvan’s marriage. Devraj tells his wife that Manini wants to hand over this property and she knows Yuvan’s wife will get his property after one year that’s why she brings Niyati. Manini tells Hemant that Devraj may reject her choice as he feels I’m step mother so make him agree. Hemant tells her he makes Devraj understand. Manini smirks.

Banni sees the kitchen is dirty. She warns workers to clean it. Kalpana and her sister come to the kitchen to disturb her. Banni scares them to upload the video of how dirty they are handling the kitchen. They request her to don’t do it. Banni asks them to clean the kitchen along with them.

Manini tells Niyati about shares of the property. Niyati assures her that she will make her get the property by handling Yuvan. Manini says it’s tough to handle his grandfather and he kept the condition in a will that he will hand over the property to Yuvan’s wife after one year of marriage if he feels she can take care of him.

Niyati says she will try. Manini asks her to make it happen. Niyati assures her that she will marry Yuvan. Manini says then you will name that property in my name, hope you remember this deal. Niyati agrees. Banni feeds kheer to Yuvan. Manini warns Niyati to ruin her if she cheats on her.

Niyati says she knows and asks what happens to Yuvan once she gets the property. Manini asks her to divorce him and send him somewhere. She sees Banni and says this girl can be an obstacle in our way so I must insist Hemant to make this girl not enter Rathod’s house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Manini insults Banni for making Yuvaan sleep. The next day Myra video calls Banni to show what’s happening with Yuvan.

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