Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th June 2022 Written Update: Hemanth asks Devraj to test Niyati


Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni feeding Yuvan and Yuvan asks her a riddle. Yuvan says what is that we can touch but it can’t touch us. Banni says it’s Sangeet. Yuvan gets surprised hearing the answer and praises her. Yuvan says whenever he used to ask this question people used to say Yuvan is mad. But you are the first person who gave the right answer as my mom.

Banni says mom is the only one who has all the answers to our questions. Banni remembers her mother and says she went to become a Tara. Yuvan says to her he can ask questions of his mom and she can ask her mom’s questions. Yuvan takes the Kheer and ears it. Banni and Yuvan play for some time.

Hemanth and Devraj talk about Niyati. Hemanth asks why he doesn’t like Niyati. Devraj asks if he knows Niyati. Hemanth says he doesn’t need to know and he completely trusts Manini’s judgment. Devraj says Manini never gave Yuvan a mother’s love and now she is very worried about Yuvan’s marriage. He is not ready to believe it. Hemanth says if he thinks this is Manini’s conspiracy then why don’t you test Niyati. Hemanth is sure he will change his mind about her.

Manini brings Niyati downstairs. She signs Niyati to take the blessings of Devraj and his wife. Niyati takes their blessings. Manini says Niyati is best for Yuvan. Devraj says business and house decisions are different and one who marries Yuvan must be perfect for him. Viraj tells Charmi that seems like Banni is smart. Yuvan spoils his coat. Viraj gets angry at him. Banni gets to know from a worker who’s he. Manini tells Devraj that Niyati is an orphan and can understand Yuvan better as she is a psychiatrist.

Yuvan comes to Devraj and tells him that he will eat. Viraj comes there and is about to hit Yuvan but Banni stops him. He says you. Banni says hope you remember me and I’m the one who is bringing food to your brother. Manini asks if their meeting is a special one. Viraj says not a special one. He asks Dada Ji if he hired her.

Devraj says he hired her to get food Nd to make Yuvraj have it. Viraj says he can make him eat too and covers Yuvan’s face with kheer. Devraj warns him to not misbehave with his elder brother. Banni applies foam on Viraj’s face and makes him fall to the floor. Manini shouts at her to stop. She asks others to throw out Banni for her misbehavior with their house son. Devraj says you brought Niyati but she failed to become Yuvan protection when it’s needed.

Devraj tells he wants a wife to Yuvan who will take care of him like Mom and protects him like a protector. Manini says it’s like you’re saying about Niyati. Niyati tells him she will prove it to him. Banni is about to leave asking Niyati to clean Yuvan’s face. Manini says their house atmosphere is getting spoiled because of Banni. Banni leaves from there.

Charmi clears the hair of her husband. Later Brinda tells Viraj that he deserves the punishment he got from Banni and tells him that his behavior with Yuvan is wrong. Manini sends Brinda to the kitchen. She tells Viraj that they can’t remove Banni from the house until Devraj is with her that’s why I asked Hemant to talk with him.

Yuvan plays the violin. Manini asks Viraj to make Yuvan sleep by giving him a sleeping pill or injection. Niyati asks what’s the need? I will take his instrument. Manini says he will create a scene and asks you to sing which you can’t do so go and see how to make him sleep as it will help you in the future.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni announces that til Yuvan appreciates her food she will feed him and protects him.

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