Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th July 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj’s behavior confuses Devraj and Myra


Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni stopping her scooter and recalling her moments with Yuvan. She cries thinking about Yuvan’s new behavior. Hemant calls Doctors to check Yuvan’s condition. Banni brings kids at home. Vishnu asks why she brought them.

Banni says Yuvan is eating food from anyone’s hand so I thought to celebrate it with these kids and from here onwards I will add Yuvan’s favorite kheer to my menu list. She prepares Kheer and asks Vishnu to make the kids sit. The doctor checks Yuvan.

Manini thinks the tablet’s effect is ended. Yuvan gains consciousness and tells them he is having a headache. Hemant asks what happened to his don. Doctor signs Manini and tells them it happened because of the stress so give him juice. Manini asks Niyati to bring juice.

Banni says she cherishes her friendship with Yuvan. she won’t hesitate to become Kali if Yuvan is in a problem. Vishnu says God can save the people one who messes with you. Banni says I will fight myself for Yuvan then others is nothing. Niyati gives juice to Yuvan. Yuvan says he doesn’t want anything from a bad fairy, go away from here. He asks for Banni. Devraj and Hemant look on. Niyati says it’s because he is not well. Devraj says he will stay with Yuvan. Niyati tells Manini that they can’t give a second dose if it happened.

Manini says she will manage as I can’t let their trust get broken. Hemant tells Devraj that it’s not good for his health if he wakes up in all night. Myra tells she will be with him. Manini says Niyati can stay. Yuvan refuses and asks his dad to make Myra stay. Hemant agrees and asks Manini to meet him outside.

Banni shares in her mom’s photo that she is feeling sad thinking about whether she can meet her friend Yuvan ever or not. Raja troubles Maami in the market. Banni teaches him a lesson. Maami says they will pay your money tomorrow itself. Banni asks how can they pay. Maami says their relative offers to help them. Banni asks who is that relative. Maami recalls how she asked for help from Devraj. Banni says she won’t leave if she is lying to her. Friends of Raja ask him to get Banni tonight itself. Raja says tonight going to be heavy for Banni.

Yuvan asks Myra to make him talk to Banni so he can take tablets. Myra agrees and calls Banni. Yuvan asks Banni why she didn’t come? Myra and Banni get shocked. Banni says she came. Yuvan asks why she didn’t feed him. Banni says you said you’re full. Yuvan asks why is he not remembering anything. Banni asks if he is playing pranks on her. Yuvan refuses. Raja cuts the power supply. Yuvan asks what happened.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raja enters inside. Yuvan sees Banni is in a problem and tells Myra that he needs to go. Manini calls them. They get rooted at their place.

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