Banni Chow Home Delivery Upcoming Story: Banni’s unexpected proposal


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StarPlus TV new show Banni Chow Home Delivery serial is witnessing some major turning points where Kabir drinks poison.
As reported earlier, Tulika informs Agastya that she doesn’t know when she fell for Kabir but it’s happened so she decides to leave the city for everyone’s wellbeing.

Agastya asks how can she sacrifice her career. Tulika says there are lives at stake here, if I stay here everything goes wrong so I should leave, and maybe then Banni will get her Yuvan back. The helper informs Agastya that Kabir came here searching for Tulika.

Agastya asks Tulika to leave from the backside and assures her he will handle Kabir. Kabir searches for Tulika. Agastya informs him Tulika left and she decides to leave this city and dreams because of your madness.

Kabir gets shocked. He runs out to stop Tulika but she leaves in an auto telling him she doesn’t love him. Kabir thinks to punish Banni for Tulika’s decision and he decides to make Banni bring Tulika to him.

Tulika messages Banni that she is leaving the town. Banni calls Tulika and asks why she is leaving. Tulika says she can’t marry Kabir. Banni requests her to not leave and asks her to meet her in her Basti house to search for another solution to the problem.

Tulika agrees. Devraj recalls Agastya’s words. He thinks he has to rectify his mistake by filling Banni life with happiness. Agastya comes there and asks why he called him. Devraj asks Agastya to marry Banni. Tulika notices her phone is dead and she feels dizzy. She asks the shopkeeper to get her some water. He asks her to sit.

Tulika sees Kabir and tries to hide and that time she gets hurt and falls unconscious. Banni waits for Tulika. At that time Kabir enters there. She asks him where is Tulika. He says I need to ask you about it.

He says I warned you before you will regret it if you try to separate me and Tulika, now your game is over. Kabir drinks poison. Banni gets shocked and worried for Yuvan.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Banni will ask Agastya in which right he holds her hand. He looks on. She says you came to save me every time with all the right and you want me to have a good life. Banni will ask Agastya will you marry me.

Can Yuvan win over Kabir for Banni’s love?

Will Agastya agree to marry Banni?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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