Barrister Babu 20th July 2021 Written Update: Chandrachur’s mother taunts Bondita


Barrister Babu 20th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh bringing Binoy home. He says he will again consult a doctor to cure Binoy. Somnath says its of no use as Binoy has lost his mental stability and in this state he can harm others around him, so it would be better if they chain him up. Anirudh gets angry and he grabs Somnath’s collar. Anirudh says how can you forget he is our father who gave us all the luxuries and everything. He tells Somnath to stay in limits also he makes it clear that he can’t chain up Binoy.

Tapur calls Bondita to have food but she notices Bondita has eloped already through window. She says Bondita won’t change. Thakuma asks Tapur is Bondita eating food? Tapur lies to her. She hopes for Bondita’s return before Thakuma catches her red handed.

Anirudh sits upset. Bondita sits next to him. He thanks her for saving Binoy. He says he is trying his level best to cure Binoy but it seems like Somnath is right, Binoy can’t be treated. Anirudh says he can’t see Binoy like this who was a strong person before. He rests his head on Bondita’s shoulder and the latter gets emotional.

Sumati and Thakuma are about to enter Bondita’s room to check she is fine or not, Tapur signals Bondita who is standing outside the window. Bondita sneaks into her room and Thakuma comes in. She asks Bondita what she is doing? Bondita lies to her that she is practicing exercise. Sumati asks Bondita is she fine? Bondita replies to her that she is perfectly fine and feeling like over the moon. She recalls Anirudh and smiles.

Bondita prays to Dugga Ma saying today she will finally reveal the truth to Anirudh and will clear all the misunderstandings between Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar. She will reveal her real identity. Bondita hears someone’s voice. She goes to check. Chandrachur’s mother is scolding Tupur for destroying her son’s life. She calls her a bad omen who couldnt give birth to a child. Thakuma defends Tupur saying she is taking medicines and keeping fast, soon she will give good news. Chandrachur’s mother says why can’t they simply accept that Tupur is infertile. Chandrachur thinks whatever he taught his mother she is telling the exact things. He acts like he loves Tupur. Bondita raises her voice against his mother and says its Chandrachur and Tupur’s personal decision. If they are happy without having a kid who is she to taunt them.

Chandrachur’s mother gets shocked to know Bondita came back, she taunts Bondita and blames her for leaving the mandap years ago. She says Bondita is responsible for his son’s pain as she didn’t even think about her family image. Chandrachur’s mother tells about her final decision that she will get Chandrachur married again to someone else so that they get heir. Thakuma gets shocked. Chandrachur consoles Tupur to show off. Bondita says she will support Chandrachur in convincing his parents. Chandrachur gets happy and Tupur gets disheartened thinking her husband still has feelings for Bondita. Chandrachur says very soon Bondita will become his wife.

Bondita calls Anirudh using her special telephone. She reminds him of all those promises he made to her and the dreams they have seen together. Anirudh gets surprised to know that Vaijayanthi is Bondita. She tells him not to avoid her anymore. She is not just his responsibility but the truth is he loves Bondita. She reveals she read all his letters. Anirudh refuses to accept his feelings, he says he didn’t write the love word. Bondita’s dream ends and Vihari informs her that Anirudh can’t teach her today as he got headache. Bondita thinks she can’t reveal her truth until Anirudh accepts his feelings towards her.

Anirudh thinks he shouldn’t have showed his weakness to Vaijayanthi. Bondita brings oil. Anirudh assumes its Vihari and he asks for a head massage. Bondita starts giving him massage but the latter gets up after realising it’s Vaijayanthi. He tells her not to take it in wrong sense as yesterday he was upset so he shared his thoughts, doesn’t mean he accepted her friendship. Bondita replies to him that she doesn’t want to force him to accept her friendship but it will be Anirudh’s choice if he wants to share his feelings with her or not. She thinks she will make Anirudh realise his love for Bondita.

Episode ends

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