Barrister Babu 22nd July 2021 Written Update : Bondita feeds rasgulla to Anirudh


Barrister Babu 22nd July 2021 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sampurna telling everyone to have food. Bondita asks Anirudh why he didn’t play the game fairly. Anirudh makes excuse and Bondita assumes he accepted her friendship. He says no. Bondita says she will make him lose in next competition. Sampurna notices Anirudh’s changed behaviour and tells Trilochan that because of Vaijayanthi Anirudh became happy again like how he used to be eight years ago.

Anirudh and Bondita start the game of pulling rope. Anirudh says he is enough to win the game. He doesn’t need anyone’s help but kids pull the rope using all their strength and Anirudh can’t able to handle them. Bondita helps Anirudh and they win the game. Bondita calls him Sakha Babu out of excitement and Anirudh gets shocked. He asks her what did she just say. Bondita diverts the topic. Later she tells him to smile for once. She hopes Anirudh will take Bondita’s name. They stare at each other and kids tie them with rope without their knowledge.

Anirudh and Bondita try to free themselves. They blame each other for not realising what kids were doing. Anirudh tells Bondita to shut her mouth for some time. Bondita turns back and Anirudh notices the injury on her back. He questions her to tell the truth who is she. He aims gun at her. Bondita gets scared.

Sampurna tells Anirudh how Vaijayanthi got hurt and she also tells him not to suspect everyone around him. Sampurna says Vaijayanthi is good hearted and she just wants to bring smile on Anirudh’s face. Anirudh says sorry to Bondita and frees themselves.

Chandrachur’s spy rushes to inform Chandrachur about Bondita’s truth. Kids notice the rasgullas and Anirudh gets furious seeing that. He asks everyone who brought rasgullas. Bondita says she brought it. Anirudh tries to throw the rasgullas away saying kids don’t eat it, it will cause dental problems. But Bondita starts laughing and says she can eat many rasgullas at one go. Anirudh recalls child Bondita. She tries to convince Anirudh saying sweetness is needed to live a happy life.

Anirudh objects to the idea and says he has spent his life with bitterness so he doesn’t believe sweetness is necessary. He starts eating chillies to prove Bondita wrong and everyone tries to prevent him from eating them. Bondita also becomes adamant and starts eating chillies to stop Anirudh. Trilochan tells both of them to stop their drama. He says how can they be so irresponsible.

Vaijayanthi tells Saswati to feed rasgullas to Anirudh first but Anirudh orders Saswati to feed Vaijayanthi. Anirudh says he doesnt like rasgullas. Bondita says she won’t eat if Anirudh refuses to eat. Anirudh forcefully feeds rasgulla to Bondita and says he has buried his past which is related to rasgullas. He tells her not to force him for this type of things again. Bondita puts one rasgulla in his mouth while he was talking. Anirudh gets shocked and leaves.

Chandrachur’s spy tries to inform Chandrachur about Bondita but due to mud on his body Chandrachur fails to recognise him and beats him instead then leaves with his men.

Anirudh is about throw away the rasgulla but eats it recalling child Bondita. He gets teary and relishes his memory. Bondita notices him and gets overwhelmed. She eats rasgulla too and hopes Anirudh will change his mind soon.

Chandrachur talks to Tupur and scares her saying his second wife will throw her out so he wants to marry her sister Bondita so that Bondita doesn’t throw her out. Tupur says Bondita won’t agree to marry him. Chandrachur pressurizes her and says she will convince Bondita to marry him else he will leave Tupur forever and she will get taunts. Later Anirudh tells Vihari to feed rasgullas to kids instead of throwing it away. Bondita gets happy seeing that and feels Anirudh will soon accept his feelings for her.

Episode ends