Barrister Babu 24th September 2021 Written Update: Bondita gets suspicious seeing Tapur’s behaviour


Barrister Babu 24th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita warning the male barrister to not block her way. Bondita enters the men’s washroom and the men feel awkward seeing her there. Bondita thinks right now she has to reach court on time thus she can’t care about what people think.

Judge says if Bondita doesn’t come on right time then her appeal won’t be accepted after that. The case file will be dismissed. Subodh taunts Anirudh saying he shouldn’t have damaged his wife’s brain by educating her. Anirudh says Bondita will be the inspiration of those women who have dreams. She will not just fight for him but for all the women. Bondita returns back to the court and shocks Subodh. Bondita says sorry to judge. Subodh says she is late thus she can’t fight the case now. Bondita says its not 11 am yet. Still 5 seconds are left. She submits the appeal and Anirudh gets happy hearing that. Bondita thinks she will know the reason behind Anirudh’s silence.

Anirudh thinks he is feeling bad that he is not able to help Bondita in this situation. He can’t tell the truth. Subodh says Anirudh confessed his crime so what’s the point of reopening the case. Bondita says she believes in proofs and she won’t let Anirudh get the death punishment if he is innocent. Judge accepts Bondita’s appeal saying if she can’t prove Anirudh innocent he will be hanged till death. Later Bondita goes to Subodh and exposes him saying she learned that he mixed something in the prasad. She insults him for stooping this low and says now it is proved women are equal to men.

Bondita misses Anirudh by looking at his photo. Bondita writes something on board and tries to find clues. She recalls everything what she saw in previous days from the day of marriage. She gets confused thinking why Anirudh chased Chandrachur and what he is hiding. Binoy comes and removes the write up from the board and says he wants Anirudh back to play with him. Bondita says she will rewrite them and she promises him that she will save Anirudh from getting punished.

Bondita meets Anirudh in jail and she sees if anyone is watching them or not. She gives puris to Anirudh and he asks her why she is breaking rules. Bondita says his wife is breaking rules not a barrister. She feeds him puri. Bondita asks Anirudh promised her he won’t hide things from her then why is he not telling what happened that day. Why he fought with Chandrachur. She requests him to reveal the truth but he doesn’t answer. Bondita says if he is adamant she is also no less. She will investigate and question family members.

Bondita interrogates Trilochan, Somnath and Tapur. She writes down the information and Tupur tells Bondita that she won’t help her in saving Anirudh. She believes Anirudh killed Chandrachur thus he deserves to get punished no matter what. Bondita has to accept it. Binoy throws away stuffs and says that’s not true. Bondita calms him and says she will convince Tupur. Bondita thinks the truth will come out, Tapur comes and she gets stressed. She starts crying in front of Bondita when she questions her. Tapur adds she doesn’t know anything and she didn’t see anything too. Thakuma takes Tapur from there by making excuse. Bondita grows suspicious.

Bondita meets Anirudh again and asks him regarding the consequences which forced him to shoot Chandrachur. Was he trying to save one of his family members? Anirudh remains silent and Bondita tells him to write down his thoughts in a diary. Visiting hours gets over and Bondita takes the diary. She says his silence answered everything. She knows he is trying to save one of his loved ones.

Episode ends

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