Barrister Babu 25th March 2021 Written Update: Bondita confronts Anirudh

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Barrister Babu 25th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anirudh closing the door seeing Bondita. Bondita gets upset seeing the telephone on ground. She shouts Patibabu. Anirudh forcefully stops him from going to Bondita. He feels helpless. He starts crying remembering his intention behind fake marraige. He thinks forgive me Bondita if you can.

Trilochan gets upset for Bondita. He says I am not able to find way how will I make Bondita understand. He says I want to stay alone now. Next morning Trilochan gets mad at Vihari saying the who made the tea? It tastes so bad. Vihari says Bondita didn’t make tea today as she is upset. Anirudh asks Trilochan why this house is not decorated? Are you not excited to welcome Manorama today? Wont you perform the rituals? Decorate the house, invite people. Today is my wife’s Varan. I want to celebrate this day. He speaks loudly so that Bondita gets to hear. Bondita closes her ears and gets restless.

Manorama gets ready and her ear ring falls down. She bends down to pick it up. In the meantime Sampoorna enters and thinks to check the sanduk of Manorama saying what she has brought from her house. Sampoorna thinks Manorama is not in the room. Manorama hears it and gets scared about the fact that Sampoorna will get to know about her mission. Her truth can be revealed. She closes the box and Sampoorna gets hurt. Sampoorna says she came here to check Manorama is ready or not. Manorama says she likes to do her work.

Sampoorna says Anirudh also likes independent girls. Bondita locks her in cupboard saying she can’t participate in any ritual. Sampoorna teases Manorama saying she couldn’t even realise when did Manorama and Anirudh fell in love. Sampoorna instigates Manorama against Bondita saying Bondita should welcome Manorama according to ritual but she is jealous of her. Sampoorna tries to check the box again but Manorama doesn’t let her see it. She tells her to set the Saree. Sampoorna says she is calling servant who’ll do this. Manorama says she can’t let anyone know about her mission.

Sampoorna calls Bondita and tells her to do the rituals. She hurts Bondita knowingly saying Anirudh won’t come to her anymore. Bondita says she won’t come out of the cupboard until Anirudh comes and apologizes to her. Sampoorna keeps saying that Manorama has taken Bondita’s place in Anirudh’s life. He won’t leave Manorama. Bondita gets emotional. Sampoorna says now Manorama’s luggage will be in her room. Bondita is so poor now. Bondita says you are very bad. Sampoorna says not bad as Anirudh. She says remember how Saurav’s father always loved his second wife. Manorama will also get all the priority from Anirudh.

Anirudh talks to Manorama regarding ritual. Manorama says she is okay with the rituals. As she knows his concern.

Bondita comes out of her room and sees Anirudh. Village ladies praise Manorama. Bondita gets heartbroken. Sampoorna tells Anirudh to apply the vermilion on Manorama’s hairline. Trilochan gets sad for Bondita. Bondita walks towards Anirudh. She throws the vermilion plate angrily. It falls on her. Anirudh was about to leave but Bondita holds his hand. She asks you promised me that you will stay by my side forever then how you are standing with another girl today.