Barrister Babu 27th July 2021 Written Update: Bondita stops Trilochan from meeting Vaijayanthi’s parents


Barrister Babu 27th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh dropping Bondita at rail station. Bondita refuses to go and questions Anirudh why he laughed in store room? He should have showed anger but he reacted in different way. Bondita says today also she won’t get her answer from Anirudh. Anirudh replies to her that today she will get her answers. He adds he got reminded of someone so he laughed. Bondita gets excited and asks him who was that person? She repeatedly asks him to reveal that person’s name but Anirudh says she will fail to catch the train so she should not waste her time. Bondita says she doesn’t care. Later she gets upset as Anirudh didn’t take Bondita’s name. Anirudh asks her will she become his friend? Bondita gets overjoyed and immediately accepts his friendship. Thakuma reaches the station with her men to look for someone. Bondita leaves without seeing her.

Bondita imitates Anirudh and acts like how he was asking for her friendship. Bondita gets shy while doing it and says slowly Anirudh is accepting his true feelings for her. He was about to take Bondita’s name today. Bondita sees a romatice dream where Anirudh is dancing with her and they share a romantic moment. Anirudh says he wants to drink coffee made by Bondita and latter feels shy. She is about to leave but Anirudh holds her hand and says he loves her so much. Back to reality, Chandrachur observes Bondita is dancing with her eyes closed. He wonders why Bondita seems so happy nowadays. He decides to find out the reason.

Trilochan tells Vihari he is going to talk to Vaijayanthi’s parents regarding the marriage proposal. Vihari asks him is he sure as noone can take Bondita’s place in Anirudh’s life. Trilochan shuts him up and Vihari prays to Dugga Ma saying Bondita should return back in Anirudh’s life. Bondita learns Trilochan is going to talk to Vaijayanthi’s parents to fix the marriage date. Bondita gets shocked. She thinks she wants to unite Bondita and Anirudh not Vaijayanthi and Anirudh. Sampurna asks Bondita does she like Anirudh? Bondita replies yes and they tease her. Bondita stops Trilochan from going to meet Vaijayanthi’s parents. She lies to him that her parents are not home so he can’t meet them. She asks Trilochan did he take Anirudh’s permission? Trilochan says Anirudh will reject his proposal like always later he insists Bondita to talk to Anirudh about the marriage. Bondita mistakenly says she is trying from the start to know about his feelings. Later she makes excuse and then overhears Vihari and his wife’s conversation. Vihari says Anirudh will never give his consent for the marriage. His wife objects to that. Bondita gets an idea, she says if Anirudh denies to marry Vaijayanthi means he still loves Bondita. Bondita assures Trilochan she will talk to Anirudh but she gets bit nervous as well.

Bondita notices Anirudh is giving instructions to sword fighters to work hard day and night for the competition. She then asks him to give a certificate of her study course. Anirudh prepares certificate for her and asks her what’s her future plan after this. Bondita says she will marry a Tulsipur guy. She gives description of Anirudh. Later she says she is not understanding how will she get to know that guy likes her or not. Anirudh suggests her to meet the guy once and she should ask him directly what he feels for her. Bondita says she will get embarrassed. She gets insecure about her looks and says her outer appearance will impress the guy or not. Anirudh teases her and makes her understand that she should love herself first and accept herself wholeheartedly so that noone can dislike her. Bondita asks Anirudh not even you? Anirudh looks on.

Episode ends

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