Barrister Babu 27th September 2021 Written Update: Tapur tries to commit suicide


Barrister Babu 27th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita thinking she is missing out something. She decides to search Tupur’s room to get some clue. She sees someone’s shadow behind the door. She opens the door and sees nobody. Later she goes to Tupur’s room thinking the latter slept in Thakuma’s room.

Bondita finds one address where Dhaka’s address is written. She recalls when someone called in the house from Dhaka. She notices the name Musa bhai and wonders who is he. She comes out of Tupur’s room and Tupur also heads towards her room.

Suddenly Bondita hears some noise and Tupur hides. Bondita goes to check and sees Tapur fell down from stool. Tapur makes excuse of bringing down some stuff. Bondita notices one cloth and she understands that Tapur was trying to commit suicide. She questions Tapur why she was trying to end her life. Tapur stammers and Thakuma signals her not to speak anything. Bondita observes Thakuma and why thinks why she is giving signal to Tapur. She guesses that its related to Anirudh’s case. She asks Thakuma why she told Tapur to shut her mouth. Is everything secretive they are trying to hide.

Thakuma covers it up saying she didn’t tell Tapur anything. Tapur also tells the same to Bondita. Bondita says she saw Tapur was attempting suicide. Tapur lies that she didnt do that, Bondita misunderstood the situation. Thakuma says she will help Bondita in this case doesn’t mean Bondita will behave insanely. She leaves with Tapur and Bondita hears another noise. She finds Tupur was overhearing their talk. Bondita questions Tupur what is she doing at late night.

Tupur tries to hide a box and Bondita snatches it. She sees food in it. She asks Tupur for whom she packed food. Tupur acts like a mad person and says she went to give food to Chandrachur but he denied. Bondita feels bad for her and tells her to accept that Chandrachur died. Tupur says Chandrachur is still here and he wants justice so she made his favourite food for him to make him happy. Tupur leaves. Bondita gets confused and thinks why Tupur and Tapur are behaving in this way.

Bondita talks to Anirudh’s photo. She says is she doing wrong by doubting her own family members. Tupur is really in pain and she made a mistake by not understanding her pain. Bondita says she should proceed further or not. She imagines Anirudh who says to her that she should forget about all the obstacles and barriers. She should only focus on serving justice to the innocent person. She should not be weak thinking about personal relationships as finding the truth will be her main concern. Bondita hugs him and says if he is with her she can’t be weak. Her dream ends and she says she is sure Anirudh is trying to save someone in his family which she will find out for sure.

Bondita does aarti of Dugga Ma and says to Thakuma she will get Anirudh released from jail soon. Trilochan and Sampurna see photos of Bondita and Anirudh’s pre wedding pictures. They feel sad and Trilochan tells Sampurna to hide the photos else Bondita will be upset. Bondita talks to children and they say they regularly pray for Anirudh’s safety. They tell Bondita to promise them that she will take him back.

Bondita promises and takes blessings from Trilochan and he mistakenly drops the pictures of Bondita and Anirudh. Bondita sees them and notices the picture of Chandrachur’s disguised look on the film set. She gets into thinking that the make up artist looks familiar. She matches it with Chandrachur’s pictures and finds similarities. She says means that day Chandrachur came to kidnap her.

Episode ends

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