Barrister Babu 28th September 2021 Written Update: Tapur makes a shocking revelation


Barrister Babu 28th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita doubting Chandrachur. She recalls when she saw the injury in his leg during wedding. She calls Somnath and asks him if he saw Chandrachur getting hurt. Somnath says he didn’t witness it but he just saw Chandrachur was shouting due to pain so he did the dressing.

Bondita says means Chandrachur was already injured and he used family doctor Somnath to treat his wound to avoid getting caught. Then why he tried to kidnap her in make up room. Tapur and Tupur’s weird behaviour everything put Bondita in tough spot. She says this is getting more complicated, why even Chandrachur and Anirudh fought.

Inspector allows Chandrachur’s family to perform the last rite rituals as their investigations are done. Everyone breaks down to tears and wind blows. Bondita notices the dead body’s legs. She wonders why there’s no injury in the leg as Chandrachur got hurt. Then why there’s no mark of the injury. She asks Somnath about it to clear his doubt. Somnath says the body was stored in ice for some days so maybe the mark got removed.

Thakuma tells Tapur to perform the rituals as it’s necessary. She has to do it ignoring all the mishaps. Bondita wonders why Tapur is behaving strangely and she is not going close to Chandrachur’s dead body too. Bihari gives a burnt saree to Bondita. Bondita recalls how Tapur took it from her during wedding. She wore it then why its burnt.

Bondita shows the saree to Anirudh and says he couldn’t hide the truth from her. She learned everything about Tapur, him and Thakuma. Anirudh gets scared and requests Bondita to not take Tapur to court for confession. Bondita gets shocked and asks him to tell the complete truth. Why Tapur can’t go to court and why Thakuma is supporting her.

Anirudh gets up and tells Bondita that she is lying and she is tricking him to learn the truth. He gets upset and Bondita tells him she did it for him only. He taught her all these tactics. Anirudh says he can’t tell anything to her. Bondita says she learned the half truth from him and now she will learn the rest. She will prove him innocent for sure and he will feel proud of her. He will tell her bravo. Bondita leaves.

Bondita enters court and Subodh mocks her saying she is looking confident but confidence doesn’t look good on women. Bondita tells him to stop giving lecture. He says Bondita should plead him to save her husband and he will make sure Anirudh gets less punishment. She won’t be widow though her life will be colorless. He gives kerchief to her saying she can use this to wipe her tears.

Bondita says Subodh looks scared seeing her courage and she says a woman can go to any extent to save her husband. She will make him lose. Bondita gives back the kerchief to him saying after the case he can use it to clean the sweat. Anirudh gets happy hearing that.

Tapur drinks water in the night and she sees a person like Chandrachur. She runs away in fear and falls onto bed, she blurts out the truth seeing the person that she didn’t tell anyone about Chandrachur’s reality. She learned what Chandrachur thinks about Bondita and he was betraying Tupur. He even tried to molest Tapur to shut her up and Anirudh is trying to save her only and lying to everyone. Bondita sits devastated hearing all of that. She disguised herself as Chandrachur.

Episode ends

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