Barrister Babu 29th March 2021 Written Update: Anirudh suggests Bondita to go to Boarding school

Barrister Babu 29th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita saying nobody cares for her. Everyone is changed. She throws stuff here and there angrily. Sumati stops her saying this much anger doesn’t suit her. She should behave like Roychowdhury’s daughter in law.

Bondita says if Anirudh doesnt accept her as his wife she doesn’t want to stay here. She tells Sumati take me with you. I will stay in village. Sumati stops her. Bondita says she doesn’t want jewelries or anything. Sumati recalls Anirudh’s words and says Bondita wont go anywhere. She is now Anirudh’s responsiblity not hers. She is married now. She can’t be a burden to her parents.

Bondita says I am burden to my in laws as well. She says why Sumati is rejecting her like this. Why she can’t feel anything for her daughter. Why can’t she understand her pain. She says tell me its all lie. You care for me. Sumati says no matter whatever Bonduta says she won’t accept her. Sumati says now her mother is also dead for her.

Bondita gets shocked. She says now where will she go? Anirudh recalls his promise. He goes to Bondita. He says she can’t stay with her mother. He tells her about boarding school. He gives her the form of Dalhousie boarding school. He says she can stay there and study well. Bondita looks at it. She throws it angrily.

Bondita says now you want to send me away after all this. You don’t want to see me as well? So that you can spend time with Manorama. Bondita says do what you want to do. But I won’t go anywhere. So that you understand that you did wrong with me. You failed to fulfill your duties towards me. Anirudh says alright you can stay here. But in return you have to do all the rituals what a first wife does.

Anirudh thinks Bondita will refuse and will leave this place and will choose her own path so that she can become barrister babu. Bondita says her strength is gone as Anirudh and Sumati both broke her from inside. Bondita says she will do everything what a first wife does. She will stay in front of his eyes. Society people support Bondita. Sumati says Bondita will fulfill her duties well. She won’t complaint about this further as she chose to this only.

Sumati leaves from there. Sumati cries a lot before leaving. Bondita looks at her. Sampoorna tells Bondita to welcome Manorama. She hurts Bondita knowingly and tells her to get ready so that Anirudh stares at her for once. Bondita looks at Anirudh. She recalls how first entered the house. Anirudh thinks why Bondita chose this. How will he show her right path? She did wrong.

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