Barrister Babu 29th September 2021 Written Update: Anirudh explains the reason of his silence to Bondita

Barrister Babu 29th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita sitting upset after hearing Tapur’s confession. Bondita takes off her wig and she tells Tapur to relax. Bondita hugs her saying she should not get scared. Tapur says Chandrachur is really a bad person who molested her and betrayed Tupur by trying to get Bondita. She says she got to know everything and entered Bondita’s room to inform her everything but Chandrachur came out of washroom and Bondita was not there. FB is shown where Tapur lashes out at Chandrachur for playing with Tupur’s feelings and doing wrong to Bondita. When she threatens him to expose him he molests her. FB ends. Bondita consoles crying Tapur. She says Chandrachur got his punishment. Tapur says Anirudh is innocent, he took the blame on himself for her. She was guilty so she tried to kill herself that day.

Bondita hugs her. Thakuma enters room and apologizes to Bondita for hiding the truth. She says Tapur told her everything but she was worried for her future, noone will marry her if they learn about Chandrachur’s act. Thakuma requests Bondita to save her sister’s future. She says she will get Anirudh released from jail using her contacts. But Bondita has to promise her Tapur won’t suffer.

Bondita tells Anirudh to fill her hairline with sindoor. Anirudh does that and Bondita touches his feet saying she is lucky to have him in her life as her husband. Bondita says he is no less than a God who accepted death punishment to save Tapur. Bondita says Anirudh fulfilled his promise by being Tapur’s brother and Thakuma’s son. Bondita sheds happy tears but then she gets upset. She says Anirudh didn’t fulfil his second promise and hid the truth from her. He taught her to support truth then why he is doing the opposite. Why he is silent and trying to prove that a woman should not raise her voice against injustice. Bondita demands answer from him. He replies when she was child his teaching was right for her but now after growing up she understood how to differentiate between truths.

Truth which humiliates a woman in front of society that should not be out and Tapur has different mindset so she is more concerned about society’s comments. Tapur doesn’t have courage like Bondita who can fight with society for the right thing as her upbringing happened that way. He adds even if they take stand against Chandrachur’s act then who will they punish? As he is not alive. Society will only blame Tapur for everything which he can’t tolerate. Tapur will commit suicide because of the revelation. So he can accept death to save her respect. Bondita thanks Dugga Ma for clearing her doubts. She says now she will make every woman courageous like her. Every woman has to fight for their rights. Bondita says Tapur won’t remain weak but she will understand that she has to take stand against crime.

Bondita talks to Judge and Subodh criticises her. He passes nasty comments on her saying she is trying to attract the judge by her beauty. She wants to win the case by this trick. Women use this trick generally to get their job done. Bondita scares him saying Judge is overhearing his talk. Subodh gets shocked and turns back. Bondita laughs at him saying its easy to scare a dirty thinker like him. She says Subodh is insecure thus he is questioning her character. Before blaming a woman he should change his own thinking. His character is questionable and he will get a slap from a woman soon for questioning her character.

Episode ends

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