Barrister Babu 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Sampoorna grows suspicious

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Barrister Babu 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Manorama saying its someone’s conspiracy. The aarti thali didn’t fall from her hands casually but someone did it knowingly to harass her. Sampoorna says Bondita decorated the thali means she is behind this. Trilochan gets angry and asks why Bondita is behaving indifferently nowadays. She has changed. He says he can’t tolerate Durga Ma’s insult. Bondita shouldnt have done this. Anirudh thinks today he can’t support Bondita. Sampoorna thinks though Bondita is innocent, Anirudh won’t believe her. Manorama says the fingerprints are not of Bondita , her hands are small. She says someone else is trying to trouble me. She twists Sampoorna’s hands saying she knows Sampoorna has done all these. She tells her to confess her crime else she will punish her. Sampoorna gets scared and reveals that it happened because of her. Not because of Bondita. Trilochan praises Manorama for what she did. He says you could blame Bondita but you didn’t do that. Trilochan says to Bondita that she should learn something from Manorama as she is treating her as her sister. Bondita thinks she will prove that she is the best daughter in law of the house.

Bondita explains Manorama what she has to make for breakfast for everyone and who drinks what. Manorama makes everything. Bondita instructs Manorama to give them to all members. Vatuk says the cocoa milk tastes so bad. He tells Bondita to make it again. Binoy says he wants to drink tea made by Sampoorna. Anirudh was about to drink coffee which has Malai on it. Bondita stops him saying he will vomit after drinking this as he doesn’t like malai. Anirudh says he likes it. He will drink it. Trilochan tells Bondita to choose something from locker for Manorama. Its ritual to gift her something. Anirudh says Trilochan is impressed with Manorama. So he can give her the locker keys. Bondita gets disheartened. She says she won’t give it to her as she is not perfect bahu. She doesn’t know how to make coffee. She doesn’t know Durga mantra. She leaves from there. Anirudh says he won’t stop hurting her until she chooses right thing for her.

Anirudh feels like vomiting and goes to washroom. Manorama apologizes to him saying she has no idea of household works. She only knows how to protest against English men. She knows the language of freedom. But why he didn’t tell Bondita to make coffee again. Anirudh says he didn’t mind but he wants Bondita to hold pen not the keys. He wants Bondita to study only.

Bondita says she can’t handover the keys to Manorama as she is not a good bahu. Manorama locks the door and she opens the box. She cleans the pistol saying few days are left for the mission. Sampoorna notices her and grows suspicious. She thinks she has to know what Manorama is planning to do.

Someone throws stone at Bondita. She goes to check. And later notices some keys are missing. Bondita thinks Manorama is behind this. She goes to her angrily. Sampoorna smirks saying she played the game well. She says she will get to know about Manorama’s intentions by using Bondita’s innocence.

Bondita sneaks into Manorama’s room and searches for the keys. Bondita searches the box and throws stuffs from there. Manorama gets shocked seeing that. She gets mad at Bondita and tries to slap her. She says how dare you touch my stuffs. Trilochan and Anirudh stand shocked. Bondita says look how she is trying to slap me. Trilochan shouts at her saying she should not cross her limits as Bondita is Badi patni. Bondita tells Anirudh to rebuke Manorama. She says you don’t care for me anymore. You don’t protect me like before. Anirudh thinks he will not scold Manorama in front of Bondita. Bondita gives one stick to Anirudh saying you too hit me. Break the trust at one go. I won’t expect that you will save me. Aniridh tells her to shut up. He says someone will come tomorrow from Dalhousie boarding school to take interview of Bondita. She will give answers properly. He tells her to pack her luggage. He says you will prepare well. He doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Bondita gets shocked.