Barrister Babu 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Chandrachur challenges Anirudh


Barrister Babu 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita coming towards Anirudh. Anirudh thinks he will tell Vaijayanthi his real feelings. Bondita thinks of revealing her real identity to Anirudh. Trilochan asks Bondita where are her parents. Bondita tells them to wait for her answer. They go upstairs except Anirudh. Bondita tells Anirudh she wants to talk to him urgently. Anirudh says he will say first as it is necessary. Anirudh says he likes Vaijayanthi’s qualities just how she takes stand for the right thing and listens to her heart and he doesn’t have problem with her accent and her qualification too but he still has a valid reason to reject her. He can’t marry her but that doesn’t mean she won’t get a good husband.

Anirudh says he can’t do injustice with someone who still has an important place in his life. He can’t give someone’s place to Vaijayanthi. Bondita insists him to tell who is that person due to whom he can’t marry her. She demands answer. Anirudh says thats Bondita who is present in his life and who is everything for him. He can’t forget the promise he made to Bondita. Anirudh reveals Vaijayanthi’s antics remind him of Bondita’s innocence. That’s why he laughed and also ate rasgulla. He said yes to Vaijayanthi out of hatred for Krishna Nagar. But one incident changed his opinion.

FB is shown where Anirudh catches some lawyers who were attempting to burn Bondita’s mannequin along with the barrister robe. Anirudh stops them and scolds them. He says Bondita has sacrificed her relations and she has given eight years to fulfil her dream how can some toxic men have the right to ruin that. Lawyers look down on Bondita and asks Anirudh what kind of relationship he has with Bondita when he himself broke his marriage with her. She belongs to Krishna Nagar as well. Anirudh stays quiet. FB ends and Anirudh tells Bondita that finally he realised he is nothing without Bondita. He is empty from inside and his relationship with Bondita is unique which cant be broken.

Dugga Ma also wants the same. Anirudh says he realised his feelings lately unlike Bondita when she is more understanding than him since the start. She always fulfilled her duties but he failed to understand her and got separated from her. She didn’t lose hope yet but he even refused to see her face. Anirudh says he already hurt Bondita a lot now he cant hurt her more by marrying someone else. He adds for the first time he expressed his feelings to somone. Bondita thinks she also wants to express her feelings to him how much she loves him. She sheds happy tears.

Anirudh apogises to her saying he took a lot of time to say no to Vaijayanthi which is surely upsetting for her. Bondita feels she is the happiest person today. Anirudh didn’t disappoint her. She is about to reveal she is his Bondita only but Chandrachur arrives playing dhol. Bondita gets shocked seeing him. She hides her face and Anirudh meets Chandrachur. Chandrachur confidently says he got a jackpot by which they will win the sword competition this year not Anirudh’s fighters. Anirudh says what kind of jackpot are you talking about. Chandrachur says he will reveal on right time. Anirudh sends them back.

Anirudh finds out Vaijayanthi has left. He assumes she must be hurt after hearing his decision. Trilochan asks Anirudh about Vaijayanthi and her family but latter replies Vaijayanthi left as he refused to marry her. Trilochan gets angry and asks him did he reject her because of Bondita. Anirudh remains silent.

Episode ends

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