Barrister Babu 30th July 2021 Written Update: Bondita decides to reveal her real identity to Anirudh


Barrister Babu 30th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Trilochan asking Bondita what was Anirudh’s answer? Bondita hides her pain. Trilochan assumes Anirudh said yes. He gets happy and says he wants to go to meet her parents but because of competition he is quite busy so Vaijayanthi should bring her parents in Tulsipur and Trilochan will talk to them about the marriage proposal. Later after the competition ends he will make an announcement of their marriage. Bondita feels sad. Chandrachur’s another spy notices Bondita and thinks of informing him. Chandrachur himself goes to keep eyes on Bondita.

Anirudh recalls Trilochan’s order. Trilochan thanks Anirudh for accepting his decision and hugs him saying he didn’t disappoint Tulsipur people. Chandrachur’s spy informs him that Trilochan is going to announce Anirudh’s marriage with Vaijayanthi after competition. Her parents will meet Trilochan at temple. Chandrachur gets happy hearing the news and gifts a chain to the spy. Spy shows Bondita to Chandrachur. Chandrachur doesn’t recognise her from behind. He thinks how this girl won Anirudh’s heart. He later thinks of making Thakuma happy by kidnapping Vaijayanthi. He follows Bondita but due to crowd he fails to catch her. Spy also says he couldnt find Bondita as everyone had red colors on their faces. Bondita thinks how can Anirudh agree to marry Vaijayanthi.

Bondita cries in her room and sees her alter ego who appeared as Vaijayanthi. Bondita says Vaijayanthi is Anirudh’s friend then why he agreed for the marriage. Vaijayanthi replies so what if he said yes. Bondita is Vaijayanthi only. Then what is the problem. Bondita argues with her alter ego. Bondita gets hurt and says Anirudh only belongs to her not to Vaijayanthi. Anirudh can’t give her place to Vaijayanthi. Bondita decides to run away from wedding. She says she won’t perform any marriage rituals. Her alter ego says she should not take this step. Dugga Ma will find a way out for her. Bondita cries.

Sampurna makes lists for marriage preparations. Anirudh looks for Vaijayanthi and Sampurna says she will meet him at temple. Anirudh leaves and Trilochan teases him saying Anirudh started caring for Vaijayanthi. Anirudh gets worried and says how can Vaijayanthi be so irresponsible. He can’t even contact her as she has no phone. Vihari tells Anirudh he is not happy with Anirudh and Vaijayanthi’s marriage. Anirudh decides to visit Vaijayanthi’s village to meet her.

Bondita tells Thakuma she won’t go to court today and makes excuse that she got headache. Thakuma tells Sumati to give Bondita head massage. Chandrachur indirectly taunts Bondita saying Anirudh is going to marry one Tamil girl and after the competition Tulsipur people will make the announcement of his marriage. Chandrachur says Tulsipur fighters will lose for sure but the marriage announcement will make them quite happy. Bondita hears that and gets upset. Sumati spots gulal on Bondita’s head and asks her how it came. Bondita leaves from there after making excuse. Chandrachur wonders in the crowd also people had gulal on their faces. So if Bondita is connected to that.

Anirudh goes to Vaijayanthi’s house and finds out she is getting married and leaves from there after one lady says Vaijayanthi can’t meet him right now. Chandrachur also goes there and learns Vaijayanthi is getting married to someone else not to Anirudh. He decides to find out the truth.

Bondita gets ready and talks to her alter ego again. Bondita says she will reveal her truth to Anirudh today and will scold him for breaking her trust. Then she will break the marriage too. Her alter ego tells her to calm down and hopes everything will be fine as Anirudh and Bondita are made for each other. Chandrachur searches Bondita’s room and finds one English book. He recalls he saw the same book in Vaijayanthi’s hand. He understands Bondita’s plan and says so Bondita is still meeting Anirudh disguised as Vaijayanthi even after he rejected her. Chandrachur says now he will start the real game and will trouble Anirudh and Bondita. Bondita reaches temple and Anirudh looks at her and thinks he has to confess his true feelings to Vaijayanthi. Bondita thinks she will reveal about her real identity to Anirudh finally.

Episode ends

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