Barrister Babu 3rd August 2021 Written Update: Chandrachur’s men attack Binoy in Roychowdhury haweli


Barrister Babu 3rd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita calling her alter ego Vaijayanthi. Vaijayanthi appears and tells her I told you Anirudh loves you only. You were worried for no reason. Bondita says she was angry so she couldn’t see the love in Anirudh’s eyes. Vaijayanthi says today is annual sword competition and Bondita couldn’t reveal her real identity to Anirudh yet so it would be better if she writes a letter to Anirudh stating Vaijayanthi is Bondita. Bondita agrees and says today she will end all the differences between Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur.

Trilochan scolds Anirudh why he rejected Vaijayanthi because of Bondita. Why can’t he understand that Bondita is the reason of his destruction. Somnath tells him to calm down as today is sword competition as well. Somnath talks to Anirudh regarding his mixed emotions. Anirudh says he can’t share his endless sufferings with Vaijayanthi as she doesn’t deserve to go through the same pain. Somnath asks then why he didn’t talk to Bondita when she came to meet him. Anirudh says he is bound to ignore her owing to their enmity. He has no choice as its too late now. He leaves.

Bondita writes she is Anirudh’s Bondita and she wanted to tell him the truth at temple but couldn’t do so. She says after all these years finally everything will get solved. She writes she and Anirudh will sort out all the issues between Das and Roychowdhury families. Before the competition Anirudh will come to meet her and they will become friends again. Bondita finishes her letter and finds out Vaijayanthi disappeared. Anirudh takes blessings from Binoy and tells him to wish good luck. Binoy gets hyper and Trilochan witnesses that. Anirudh calms Binoy down.

Anirudh and Trilochan come out of room and discuss that Binoy should stay away from all the violence as this is not good for his mental health. Trilochan says that’s why he didn’t mention about sword competition. Anirudh says he increased guards for Binoy’s safety outside the mansion. Trilochan tells Chandrachur’s men injured Tulsipur fighters so Anirudh will fight alone with Krishna Nagar fighters.

Anirudh gets some stuffs and one letter from Vaijayanthi. He sees them and gets surprised. There Bondita gets ready in front of mirror and Anirudh comes in fighter’s attire. She says today all issues will get solved between them. There will be love only. Bondita holds Anirudh’s hands and they share a romantic moment. She hugs him and Anirudh gets close to her. Bondita gets shy and Anirudh kisses on her forehead. Bondita tries to leave but her saree gets stuck.

Her dream ends and she realises Anirudh is not there. She thinks why Anirudh didn’t get her letter yet? Chandrachur thinks Bondita doesn’t know he exchanged the letter and mixed sulfur in the presents which she sent to Anirudh. Anirudh will wear it and due to sulfur’s effect Anirudh will get burning sensation and he will not be able to fight properly and will lose the competition. Chandrachur adds he will get the right to worship Durga Ma and also he will get Bondita. Bondita decides to meet Anirudh once before the competition starts.

Anirudh wears the clothes Bondita sent for him. He applies the tilak and Trilochan asks him why he wore the clothes gifted by Vaijayanthi. Anirudh says for friendship’s sake. Somnath says Sampurna will stay home to take care of Binoy. Priest does aarti of Anirudh. Anirudh feels like itching because of the diya flame. Chandrachur smirks. Host announces the competitors’ names. He says Anirudh will fight alone with the Krishna Nagar fighters. In the final round he will fight with Chandrachur. Chandrachur recalls he offered money to one of his spies and told him to execute his plan.

That spy lies to Sampurna and sends her to children’s room saying they are fighting. Sampurna leaves Binoy alone. Spy calls his gang members. One of them locks Sampurna in room. Bondita reaches Roychowdhury haweli and gets shocked to know Anirudh already left for the competition. She says means Anirudh didnt receive her letter yet. Spy attempts to attack Binoy and the latter screams. Binoy leaves his room in fear. Spies follow him. Bondita hears the noise and goes inside. Sampurna notices her and thinks why Vaijayanthi came here. She calls her name. There Anirudh wonders why he is getting blurry vision and his hands are shaking as well. He gets confused thinking what’s happening to him.

Episode ends

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