Barrister Babu 5th June 2021 Written Update: Rimjhim reveals Rupa’s truth to Kalindi

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Barrister Babu 5th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalindi scolding Bondita for saving her. Thakuma says Bondita had made her part of the sin. It was better if she died. She tells Bondita to apologise in front of villagers. Bondita says she saved that woman who treats everybody with her remedies. So she is not feeling ashamed of that. Thakuma gets angry and try to slap Bondita but Anirudh stops her. He says Baba surely has a solution of it too. Kalindi strictly tells Baba to punish Bondita so that she doesn’t cross her limits again. She has to come under Kalindi’s control.

Bondita recalls Anirudh’s idea as she has to go out for her London visa. Soumik acts like applying magic. Bondita murmurs forest, hawan etc. Soumik says they have to do the hawan in forest. Thakuma objects to his idea saying Bondita can’t step out during her periods. No women is allowed to do it in her house. Anirudh convinces her and says he will accompany Bondita and assures Kalindi that Roychowdhurys won’t come near Bondita. Thakuma allows Anirudh.

Soumik asks Anirudh where is he taking Bondita with him, Anirudh says he is just trying to get her some fresh air. Soumik gives money to Anirudh to feed Bondita kulfi. Bondita notices small beard on Anirudh’s face and she alerts him saying he should shave his beard using Soumik’s shaving kit else he will get caught. Anirudh goes to store room to finish his work. Rimjhim enters there to hide her necklace gifted by Soumik. She thinks Kalindi should not see it at any cost. Rimjhim gets shocked seeing Anirudh shaving his beard. She understands Rupa is a man. She thinks of revealing it to Kalindi. She dreams of getting necklace from Kalindi as as reward. But in the meantime Anirudh locks the door and Rimjhim stays inside. She tries to open the door by hitting with a stick. But she falls unconscious while doing it and noone hears her voice.

Thakuma gives responsiblity to Rupa to check on Bondita as for the first time she broke her rules to control Bondita. Anirudh gives her assurance. Thakuma gets angry seeing Rimjhim hasn’t come yet to say good bye to Bondita. She tells Tupur to find her but Tupur fails to do it. Anirudh and Bondita leave saying the good muhurat for hawan will be over.

Anirudh checks the documents outside the office and looks worried. Bondita says Anirudh is worried as he thinks she won’t get the Visa. Later she gives him strength saying they will succeed in their work for sure. Anirudh taught her to not give up. They sing hum honge kamyab song and enter the office.

Rimjhim gains her consciousness and calls for help. Kalindi opens the door and starts beating her thinking she is ghost. Later she recognises Rimjhim. Rimjhim reveals Rupa is deceiving Thakuma as she is not woman but a man who came in disguise. Thakuma doesn’t believe her words. Rimjhim shows the shaving kit, towel as a proof to her. Thakuma recalls Rupa’s strange behaviour and actions. She gets shocked and says how can she get fooled by Rupa.

Episode ends

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