Barrister Babu Upcoming Story 21st August 2020 : Anirudh proves he is right

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Today’s episode starts with Anirudh waiting for Bondita. Bondita enters with Bihari and Trilochan asks her if she brought all the goods. Bondita says she brought everything which was required for decoration. Trilochan asks Bondita to return the left money.

Bondita says she don’t have left money with her. Trilochan asks Bihari where he was when she was shopping. Bihari in the flashback recalls how Anirudh asked him not to open his mouth in front of anyone. Anirudh sees Bondtia shopping.

Back to reality; Trilochan thinks shopman fool Bondita and took extra money from her. He thinks to teach shopman a lesson. ANirudh interrupts and says won’t it will be great if they teach Bondita. He asks few questions to Bondita. Bondita discloses she don’t understand math. Ahead, Anirudh convinces Trilochan that education is important for Bondita to become a perfect housewife. Trilochan agrees for Bondita’s education with a condition. He asks Bondita to first fix Goddess Durga torn cloth, do Puja and then she can study. Anirudh gets happy.

Further, Binoy informs Mini that Anirudh convinced Trilochan for Bondita’s education. Mini ignores. Binoy gets irked. Mini asks Binoy to relax as soon he will come to know about her plan. There, Trilochan asks Bondita to prepare food. Bondita thinks how she will make. Trilochan refuses to enter the kitchen. Bondita question Trilochan why men don’t enter Kitchen but they are offered food first. Trilochan asks Bondita to concentrate on work. Ahead, Trilochan makes Bondita to learn spices name. Trilochan gets upset with Bondita.

Other side, Biraj misunderstands Sumari. Sumari does drama and manipulates Birraj. Biraj still warns Sumari. Ahead, Saurabh asks Sampoorna if she read the book. Sampoorna says not yet and gets upset with Saurabh.

There, Trilochan tries to make Bondita learn spices name and Bondita keeps questioning him. (Episode Ends)