Barrister Babu Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Anirudh to prove himself to Binoy

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In the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu we will see Binoy will challenge Anirudh and he will accept the challenge.
So far in the episodes it is seen, Bondita sends a letter to her in-laws with a condition of a marriage. She quoted that she will only marry if her would be husband will allow her to eat sweets. And secondly, if he will allow her to take her mother too with her.

Accidently, Bondita’s letter reaches to Anirudh and he gets happy reading the letter. He praises the letter and gets happy thinking someone is there who thinks about bringing the change in the society and is raising the voice.Anirudh gets impressed with her conditions for marriage. Mini gets envy and asks Anirudh if the letter girl is more mature than him. Anirudh says there is no comparison between the duos but letter girl has the caliber to raise the voice against the society. He thinks the girl should get right partner and it is very important.

Later, Anriudh meets Binoy and Trilochan. He urges them listen to him once and Trilochan agrees. Anirudh says he is not sorry for whatever he has done previous day, as he wants to build a society where men and women can be equally treated. He adds for his act they can throw him out from the house too. Binoy asks Anirudh to leave his house.

After quiet an argument between Binoy, Trilochan and Anirudh;  Anirudh asks Binoy to give him one chance as he wants to prove that he can bring the change in the society. Binoy gives him one chance with a condition that if he loses to him that he has to do whatever he asks him. Anirudh agrees.

Now will Anirudh will be able to keep his words, to know more keep watching Barrister Babu mon-fri on Colors TV.
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