Barrister Babu Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Bondita gets support from Anirudh

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Today’s episode starts with Binoy asking Anirudh if this is his Barrister degree which Bondita wetted. Bondita says that certificate was kept on the table and she didn’t wet it. Anirduh stands confused. Ahead, Trilochan asks the house helper to take Bondita and clean her. He gets angry at Anirudh for marrying Bondita without even knowing about her background. Mini gets happy.

Tilochan asks Anirudh to send Bondita back home. Anirudh vomits. Binoy and Mini smirks. Later, Bondita gets happy to meet her mother and go back home. Here, Anirudh coughs and Mini comes to him. Anirudh asks Mini if he has done anything wrong by protecting Bondita from old taboos. Mini speaks in favor of Anirudh and tries to instigate him against Bondita. He asks Anirudh to send her back to home as Bondita wants the same.

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Trilochan asks Koyali not to reveal to anyone about Bondita wetting bed. Bondita meets Trilochan and Binoy and leaves. There, Mini back hugs Anirudh and says she can’t see him stressed and asks him to let Bondita go back home. Anirudh stands shocked and thinks somethings. He recalls his past with Bondita.

Meanwhile, Bondita sits in the cart happily to leave. Anirudh sees her and recalls his past. He rushes down and Mini stands irked.

Other side, Sampoorna asks Saurabh if Anirudh said anything. Saurabh misunderstands Sampoorna and talks rudely with her. Sampoorna tries to clear the misunderstanding but Madhu calls her.
Here, Anirudh comes and says to Bondita that she will not go anywhere. Bondita gets confused. Anirudh takes her with him. Mini gets irked.

Trilochan gets angry at Anirudh for bringing back Bondita. He says he is sending her so that Sumati can teach her about hygiene. Anirudh says he will teach her. Trilochan and Anirudh argue. Episode ends with Bondita asking Anirudh to let her go to her mother.