Barrister Babu Upcoming Story : Anirudh defends Heera Mandi girls from people at bazar

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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The episode starts with Bondita getting overwhelmed seeing Gandhi in front of her eyes. She hides. Gandhi steps on stage. A teacher whispers to another one that kings and rich people’s children study in their school so he hopes Gandhi ji doesn’t talk about liberation but good relations between Indians and Britishers because no ups and down should happen.

Principal asks Gandhi to choose one kid among their students for the debate competition. Gandhi looks at students and choose Bondita. Principal recognizes her and wonders what she is doing there. Bondita walks towards the stage. Gandhi asks her not to be scared. Bhatuk wonders what will happen now and what will Bondita say in front of Gandhi. Bondita recalls Anirudh telling her to touch Gandhi’s feet if she ever meets him so she does that and he blesses her.

Gandhi asks Bondita to talk about women and their role in family. Bondita thinks about the answer but she is unable to speak in front of Gandhi. She wonders what to do since Anirudh isn’t there too. She gulps down. On the other hand, a man says that sinners like Heera Mandi girls can’t sell their clothes in this bazar. Anirudh shouts that they are right: these girls are sinners and should be beaten with stones. He asks people to put hand on their heart and think if they have ever made any mistake and if they have not then they can pick up the stone and throw at the girls. Everyone looks down.

Anirudh says that none is picking up stone because everyone has made mistake and asks why they can’t let these girls leave their past behind. He says that they must be disgusted by the name of Heera Mandi but they are the people who made a bazar like that and these girls didn’t happily choose such a life and now that they are writing their own destiny, the hands that should help them are throwing stones at them. Some people pass from there hailing Gandhi. Anirudh points that everyone hail what Gandhi says but none follows what he teaches: he is against violence hence Anirudh asks if it is right to throw stones at girls. None replies and everyone starts leaving. The girls cry.

Meanwhile, Bondita stammers in front of Gandhi and says that she is scared so she is unable to speak. She is about to walk away but Gandhi stops her and says that he cannot see fear in her otherwise she won’t be the only girl among all the boys. Bondita tells him that she doesn’t study in this school but Gandhi says that she is standing there so she is part of this place.
At Roy Chaudhary Mansion, Binoy and Trilochan are waiting for the foreigner officer to come but he is very late. Trilochan is frustrated and says that all this respect for guest is just for the farmers. Binoy tries calming him down.

At school, Gandhi explains that a change can happen in a moment and tells Bondita that she is the change. He asks Bondita to look at herself and recognize her power. He points at the students sitting and says that they are just few steps far but actually the distances is of ages and tells Bondita that, when someone will ask whether she can change what happened throughout ages, she should reply yes.
On the other hand, Suraya and Ramaya come to Anirudh and tells him that they cannot continue being a stain on them so they should just end themselves to remove that stain. Anirudh asks them not to bring such a thought in their mind ever again. Suraya asks what they should do then and cries. Anirudh asks them to trust him as he will come to a solution to this issue too. He asks for one day and they agree.

Gandhi tells students that doing injustice is wrong but also bearing it is wrong and suggests them to recognize the injustice being done on them. He gives example that this country is theirs but it isn’t being given to them so they are fighting without any violence. He asks the students to think what is that thing they have right on but it doesn’t belong to them. He encourages Bondita and the students to protest until they don’t get that right, live like the current day is their last day and learn as if they’ll leave forever. He asks them not to fear any change but be the change you want to see in the world. Everyone claps at the end of his speech. Bondita is overwhelmed. After the encounter with Gandhi, Bondita leaves the school with all the other students.

Episode ends

Precap: Bondita tells Anirudh that Gandhi asked them to think about what’s that thing she has right on but it doesn’t belong to her. Anirudh asks what it is. Bondita replies it is school and complains that Bhatuk can go to school but she doesn’t. Anirudh promises her that she will go to school.