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Today’s episode starts with Binoy saying to Trilochan that he intentionally challenged Anirudh so that he doesn’t take Bondita to the doctor. Anirudh enters the room with Bucket and a cloth to clean Bondita’s wet sheets. Trilochan and Binoy stands shocked. Anirudh ends up cleaning Bondit’a dirt and recalls his marriage with her. He says to Binoy that by cleaning Bondita’s dirt he is now very sure that one day he will bring change in the world.

Ahead, Anirudh asks Bondita to get ready to accompany him to the doctor. Bondita seeks Mini’s help and asks her to do something so that Anirudh don’t take her to the doctor. Mini asks Bondita to first go with Anirudh and assures her that she will help her. Anirudh comes to Bondita and says to her not to fear in front of doctor and she should disclose everything whatever he asks. Bondita worries thinking everyone will close to know about her bad habit and will laugh at her.

Anirudh takes Bondita to the doctor and asks her to wait outside. Anirudh talks with doctor and doctor takes the detail of Bondit and her disease. Doctor after learning that Anirudh is Bondit’a husband; praises his courage for bringing Bondita to him. He also tags him a best husband and applauds his modern thinking.

Meanwhile, Mini reaches to the clinic behind Bondita. She asks Bondita to escape. Bondita refuses, Mini somehow manages to convince Bondita. She also asks her not to disclose her name in front of Anirudh else he won’t allow her to help her from next. Before, Bondita can escape Anirudh catches her. Mini hides herself. Anirudh asks Bondita who was helping her to escape from doctor. Bondita stands shocked. Episode ends with Bondita stands in front of doctor. Anirudh asks Bondita not to hesitate and reveal about her habit.