Barrister Babu Upcoming Story : Sampoorna reminsces how she witnessed Binoy hitting Sumati with his car by mistake

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with Sampoorna tells Bonditha that she is affected with rare disease. Bonditha asks if she die. Sampoorna says don’t know but people will abandon you if they know that youre affected with this disease, glad you didn’t inform to anyone. Bonditha says why I’m affected even when I took good care of my health. Sampoorna says it’s curse of Durga maa because you make my parents get insulted. Sampoorna sees keys and reminsces how her Mom makes her realise Bonditha loves her Sasural people not her so her Mom suggest her to do like she said to save their secret, Bonditha is your enemy so make her get separated from Anirudh. Sampoorna promise her Mom to do implement her plan.

Sampoorna tells their is one solution. Bonditha asks her to tell. Sampoorna asks her to follow her words so her pain and disease gets cured in 4days. Bonditha agress and asks her to tell. Sampoorna asks Bonditha to not reveal this matter to anyone and asks her stay away from Men. Bonditha says I promised to Pati babu that I won’t hide anything from him. Sampoorna says you have to do like I said otherwise your disease will increase, stay away from Poojas and don’t go anywhere from home, lock yourself in room otherwise everyone will know about your disease. Bonditha asks Pati babu and Kaka Sasur may asks me why I’m staying in room, what to answer them. Sampoorna asks her to manage them saying something. Bonditha asks if this disease will go if she do like she said. Trilochan calls Bonditha. Sampoorna asks Bonditha to take rest telling she will inform others that her health Is not good.

Trilochan asks Bonditha to come for Aarti. Sampoorna says Bonditha is sick and performs Durga maa Aarti. Bonditha cries in her room. Sampoorna thinks Durga maa supported her over Bonditha and she gives Aarti to Trilochan and get Mom.

Bonditha cries thinking how to stop the bleeding. Devoleena tells to Sampoorna that she can become queen in 3-4 days. Sampoorna says she will give clothes to Bonditha. Devoleena says let’s her bear pain than only she will listen your words. Bonditha remembers how Anirudh cleaned ink with cotton help from her book, she takes cotton from pillow and cloth from curtain to use them.

Anirudh waits for Bonditha. Koyli asks Anirudh permission to leave to her village for 2days. Anirudh agrees than he goes to Bonditha room and asks her to open the door. Bonditha cries. Anirudh warns to break the door if she won’t open the door. Bonditha opens the door and goes back from Anirudh. He asks why she is going back, she sleeps on bed and tells him that her stomach is aching and wants to have some rest. Anirudh says fine, if you won’t get better I will call doctor if you won’t get fine till evening. Bonditha says no need and covers herself in Duvvet. Trilochan says we won’t call doctor. Anirudh says I know you won’t like if Doctors checks her, they argues than Bonditha shouts in pain. They leaves and Anirudh notices Torned pillow. Bonditha cries in pain and prays to Durga maa for her life and she misses her Mom.

Bonditha thinks Mom may help me than she writes letter to her Mom. Sampoorna opens the old house and reveals the person on bed as Sumati calls Bonditha. Sampoorna reminsces how she hides in Binoy car to talk with him and how she witnessed when he hit the person accidentally and he sees that person is Sumati and gets shocked. Devoleena and her husband performs fake last rites telling Binoy that Sumati is dead. Bonditha writes how she needs her at this tough time.