Barrister Babu Upcoming Story : Sampoorna tries to kill herself.

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode starts with Bondita saying nothing will happen to Anirudh. He has gone for a holly work. She starts crying and tells Trilochan that she is not our Subhra Ma. She is fake and only acting like Subhra ma. Trilochan says he doesn’t believe all this. Binoy says please believe in what Bondita is saying. That girl even met one lady. She may know where is Anirudh. Please ask her. Bondita asks Subhra tell me where is my patibabu. Suddenly Munshi brings brings Anirudh home and deceives everyone that he found him injured. In real he only attacked Anirudh. Bondita gets shocked and cries continuously. Munshi says I thought I again lost my another son.

Trilochan says shut up. Don’t talk rubbish. Doctor completes the dressing. Subhra starts her drama that she will do jaap and puja to make him alright.Bondita says please get up Patibabu. She says whatever you will say I will do. Why are you forgetting your promise? She recalls that Anirudh said her to become the shadow of that girl. Then why is he not following his own words. Doctor says Anirudh’s health is not good. His condition is bad. Her nerves are responding slowly. Have you noticed anything unusual in Anirudh’s behavior previously? Binoy blames Subhra. He says she mixed something in the kheer that she wanted to feed Anirudh. Subhra starts her drama that she wanted to give him that kheer but it fell down. Sampoorna brought second bowl of kheer. Trilochan supports Subhra.

Trilochan gets angry on Sampoorna and insults her. He says this widow is responsible for all the things that are happening. She ruined her own married life now she is trying to ruin Bondita and Anirudh’s life. She is sinister. Every bad thing is happening because of her. He tells her to leave the house. Bondita stops Trilochan and says please don’t blame Sampoorna. I and Patibabu have taken all her responsibilities. Maybe she is only a widow for you but she is my sister. I will give her respect. She will not go anywhere. Trilochan says don’t support her. She wants to destroy your life. Even doctor couldn’t find out what happened to Anirudh. Anirudh is not getting proper treatment. All because of this widow. Subhra continues her drama and says I will do every possible thing to cure Anirudh.

Sampoorna gets frustrated and tries to commit suicide but Bondita stops her and says have you lost it? Sampoorna says nobody likes me. Because me your life can be ruined as well. I am ominous.

Subhra thinks she will have to mix the third packet of the poison otherwise Munshi will kill her. She cant miss any single chance to win the trust of these people. She starts meditating by standing in one leg. Trilochan comes and gets impressed seeing Subhra’s dedication. Munshi says I have one idea by using that we can get rid off Sampoorna. Sampoorna can marry for the second time and we can send her far from us. Trilochan agrees and gets happy.

Bondita says Sampoorna will not do anything like this. Saurav didn’t sacrifice her life because of this. She can’t lose Sampoorna also. Sampoorna and Bondita hug each other get emotional.