Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka Upcoming Story: Reyansh’s decision to traumatise Kimaya!


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Sony TV’s newly launched show Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka shows Aradhana Sahni, who works as a journalist, faces life with optimism in the hope of climbing the ladder in the world of journalism. When her path crosses with a passionate and successful journalist and also an equally arrogant personality, Reyansh Lamba, who happens to be her employer, what changes and challenges will she face in her life?

In the current track, it shows that Aradhana and Reyansh have a cake fight. Beena scolds and sends them in a different way. Reyansh receives a call from Vikram, who informs him about Viren, who is upset with him for going against his order, but Reyansh determines to expose the crimes.

Aradhana inquires Malini about the reason behind her visit to orphanage. Malini lies to her in front of Viren and her family members. Viren and Reyansh have a heated argument, so Reyansh quit his job. Viren hires Aradhana as chief in editor. Aradhana learns Reyansh is right and decides not to let go of his efforts vain.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Sunaina will say to Aradhana that the latter doesn’t love Reyansh. Aradhana will remain silent. Meanwhile, Beena will ask Reyansh that he loves her, right? Reyansh will say if it’s going to make any changes.

Aradhana will apologize to Viren saying that he removed Vikram(Reyansh) and replaced her in his position, but she isn’t going to accept it. Viren will stare at Aradhana. Beena will indirectly challenge Reyansh. Reyansh will smile at her.

Kimaya will plead with Aradhana not to let Vikram(Reyansh) go back to Delhi. Bhakti will ask the person on the call how she is doing, thinking the call is answered by Aradhana. Malini will ask Bhakti who she is. Bhakti will look shocked. Reyansh will be seen leaving the place in a taxi while Aradhana will search for him.

Will Aradhana be able to fulfil the wish of Kimaya?

Will Aradhana be able to change Viren’s mind?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode.

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