Bawara Dil 18th August 2021 Written Update: Shiva gets disheartened


Bawara Dil 18th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Siddhi saying she promised Shiva already she won’t refuse to accept the punishment. She signs the papers and gives it to him. She says but before that she will fulfill some unfinished jobs. Shiva gets shocked to see the signature. He says Siddhi will never understand him. This marriage means nothing to her. Mangal informs Akkabai that Siddhi is ready to leave the house. Akkabai gets overjoyed hearing the news and later she tells Sarkar that now his marriage will happen with Sonal without any obstacles. Laskare family will be under their control. This divorce will benefit them in many ways. Sarkar asks her why she wants to hold onto Shiva. Akkabai says Rudrait people know Shiva and its important to have Shiva’s support to rule over Rudrait. Especially after the popularity he got during Gothakori festival.

Siddhi recalls her memories with Shiva and gets emotional. She breaks down to tears and packs her bag. She says she can’t be weak. Sarkar calls her and taunts her saying now Sonal’s bodyguard is gone. Who will save her. Siddhi threatens him saying Shiva is there to protect Sonal always, he rejected marriage proposal too. Sarkar says Akkabai loves her son a lot and she will give him everything what he wants. Shiva can’t stop the marriage. Siddhi learns Shiva’s house belongs to Akkabai and Siddhi soon will leave the house so she should stay away from all this. Siddhi says she can’t let Sarkar win.

Shiva drinks alcohol and in inebriated state he shares his pain with Jalwa. He says Siddhi didnt even think once before signing the papers. She doesn’t have feelings for him and he only assumed that she cares for him. Jalwa tries to make Shiva understand that Siddhi probably thought its her fault and she tried to free him. Shiva doesn’t get convinced and says now he should not wait to sign the papers. He is about to sign it but someone calls him and he leaves.

Siddhi goes to talk to Mangal but the latter insults her and tells her to leave the house as soon as possible. Siddhi says she will expose Akkabai first then she will leave. Mangal has to understand what kind of a person Akkabai is. Sarkar forces Shiva to sign the divorce papers. Shiva gets angry. Sarkar says he will break his house using bulldozer. Akkabai starts acting and scolds Sarkar. She says Shiva is really obedient and she knows Shiva signed the papers already. He respects her a lot. Sarkar says Shiva didn’t sign it. Akkabai tells Shiva to do it. She puts forth a condition saying she will give the house to him and in return he will sign the divorce papers. Akkabai brainwashes Shiva saying Siddhi doesn’t deserve to be a part of his family, she already signed it why Shiva wants to hold on. He has great future ahead, he should leave Siddhi. Shiva takes the papers.

Siddhi and Vijaya talk to each other knowingly to scare Mangal. Siddhi says she will file complaint against Mangal as she tortured her alot. Vijaya says she will give statement against Mangal too. Mangal will get punished for domestic violence. Vijaya and Siddhi smile and leave. Mangal gets stressed and thinks Siddhi will trap her.

Shiva meets Malini who says he should know the whole truth. Sagar really tried to kill him and Siddhi saved him from Sagar. She says someone manipulated Sagar to kill Shiva. Shiva asks who. Jalwa shows Shiva’s last rite pictures and Shiva gets shocked. He gets furious.

Episode ends

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