Bawara Dil 26th March 2021 Written Update: Siddhi’s befitting reply to Agga Bai

Bawara Dil Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Bawara Dil Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

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Episode starts with Siddhi saying she won’t go with Shiva. Yashwant mocks Agga Bai and tells Siddhi to go there. Siddhi was about to go but Yashwant says Siddhi forgot something. Shiva calls Siddhi saying can’t you hear? You forgot something on the table. Yashwant tells Shiva to tie the mangalsutra around Siddhi’s neck. He says its ritual. I also tied it. Don’t act like stupid. Shiva hesitates to tie the mangalsutra and Siddhi also feels awkward. During 4th attempt Siddhi turns back and helps Shiva so that he can tie it. Siddhi holds her hair in one side. Shiva takes a bit time to tie the mangalsutra and Siddhi tries to leave. Shiva somehow finishes it and leaves.

Shiva waits for Siddhi. He says how long will I wait? she is taking so much time. Siddhi comes in a red saree. Shiva tells her to sit on back seat of his bike. Siddhi looks at Jeep. Shiva says the tyre got punctured. They have not enough time. Siddhi sits on bike. Shiva starts the bike and Siddhi keeps her hand on Shiva’s shoulder cause of jerking. She then immediately removes her hand. Shiva rides the bike, due to several pits on road Siddhi feels uneasy and says Shiva to stop the bike. She says Shiva is doing it knowingly to get close to her. Shiva says I have no interest in you. We are already getting late. The road is bad that’s not my fault. Siddhi says I can walk. I won’t go with you.

Shiva says I won’t tolerate your tantrums. Siddhi says have you forgotten the lock up? Shiva says you also forgot the confined place very soon. Shiva goes alone leaving Siddhi behind. Siddhi starts walking and sees Shiva is waiting for her. Seeing her Shiva again starts his bike. He continues to do it like that. Siddhi gets surprised seeing him. Siddhi and Shiva reach Agga Bai’s house. Siddhi asks why Shiva came here? Siddhi says he is Agga Bai’s slave and won’t be able to raise his voice in front of her ever. Shiva says oil your own machine. You don’t need to think about me. They enter Agga Bai’s house.

Mangal sees cow dunk near her house. She thinks she can’t clean it. Ishvar comes to take Siddhi with him for pathphera ritual. Mangal takes advantage of the situation and tells him to clean the cow dunk saying she has back pain. Ishvar does it.

Agga Bai tells Siddhi to take blessings from her saying Ishvar forgot to teach her daughter basic manners. She doesn’t know how to respect elders. Siddhi says my father taught me everything. He said people don’t get respect because of money or fame but they get respect for their work. She takes blessings from a saint who was present there that time. She says we should take blessings from such pure souls. Agga Bai gets irked.

Yashwant notices Ishvar cleaning cow dunk. He stops him saying he is Guruji for him. Instead of him Yashwant starts cleaning it and Mangal says I’ll do it. Yashwant mockingly says you have back pain right ? You don’t like to do such works. He throws some cow dunk at her saree and acts as if it was unintentional. Mangal gets irritated.

Shiva asks Siddhi why she misbehaved with Agga Bai. Next time he wont tolerate. Siddhi says you don’t need to teach me how to behave. I will do what I want to do. Shiva looks at her angrily.