Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Written Update: Pari and the Rakshasas return to the Earth in human disguise


Bekaboo 19th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devlekha stabbing herself. Her mother tells her that she would have to take birth on Earth as a human.

Kaka shows the young man the statue of Ashwath. A woman is seen giving birth to a baby girl who seems dead at birth. The woman’s husband arrives who’s a drunkard. He tries to snatch the baby and throw it in the river. As soon as he raises his hands to throw the baby she becomes alive. The baby’s mother becomes overwhelmed and names her daughter Bela.

In the next scene, Bela enjoys her tiffin with her friends at school. She could hear a wboy of hers speaking to herself in her mind about being embarrassed over her tiffin. So also takes control of the situation and shares her tiffin with her friend. Bela has the power to listen to read people’s minds. Later Bela is seen hearing her father’s thoughts of hiding money in his socks. She finds the money and gives it to her mother saying that she saw her father hiding it. Bela’s father is a total drunkard, who doesn’t contribute a penny to his family and only saves money for his drink.Bela’s mother always compromises for her daughter and tries to provide everything possible for her.

Now Bela has grown into a beautiful young lady but she doesn’t know that she was a Pari in her past life. She studies in college with his father’s boss’s daughter Mallika.She arrives at an auditorium where some other girls are seen practising dance. They are annoyed by Bela’s visit and ask her to dance with the motive of ragging her. But she dances so well that the girls are surprised. Bela is herself surprised at the fact that she never learnt dance in her life but then how could she perform such difficult dance moves so beautifully and confidently.

Later she wakes up from her sleep frightened by a dream that she has also seen before also. Her mother arrives and asks her not to think so much about supernatural things like Pari and Rakshasas since it’s affecting her mental health. Bella tells her mother that she has written a poetry on the love story of a Rakshas and a Pari for a competition in her college. She also assures her mother that she will definitely win the competition which in turn would make her college fees free.

She goes to her college for the competition. A chaos happens at her college where a boy stops a tempo from moving to save a cat and her kittens. Due to this chaos a car got stuck where Ashwath’s sister Yamini arrived. She was the one in the car who was enraged at this incident. Yamini’s son gets very angry at this incident and runs after the boy who saved the cats. But Yamini gets down from the car and tells him that he did the right thing and he was a very kind person just like his brother. The boy smiles and feels relieved.

Mallika tries to snatch Bela’s poem so that she can narrate it on stage and impress her boyfriend’s mother Yamini,who was the chief guest of the competition. The chief guest was Ashwath’s sister. She gives an inaugural speech. Then the programme starts. Now Mallika arrives as the final contestant and narrates Bela’s poem. She talks about Rajpari, Parilok, and Rakshas. The chief guest listens to all these and becomes very ferocious but somehow controls herself. She declares Mallika as the winner. The chief guest invited Mallika to their party.

Later Mallika’s boyfriend beats the boy badly who tried to save the cat. Kaka says that only a few Rakshashas get the chance to live on Earth who cannot express their actual identity. The chief guest had three sons who were all Rakshasas. After the competition they all run after a girl in the woods. They approach her in their real forms with huge canines and big nails. She runs after her life and reaches some police on the main road when the brothers hide and go back.

Yamini is seen scolding her sons for beating the boy. Yamini’s secretary arrives with a video of that girl saying that she was attacked by some unearthly creatures and not humans. This made Yamini furious and she warned her sons. Yamini’s husband arrives at the scene and they have a chat..The boy who got brutally beaten by Yamini’s sons is seen crying for his father who left him early. He doesn’t know what happened to his father and his uncle. He looks very sad.

Pari sits alone and cries over her destiny thinking that her mother would be very sad when she gets to know that Bela wasn’t able to participate in the competition.
The episode ends.

Recap : Bela tries to find the answers to the thousand questions in her mind.

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