Bepanah Pyaar 27th February : RAGBIR GIVES DIVORCE TO PRAGATI

Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Bepanah Pyaar 27th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Badi Maa revealing her flight tickets to Ragbir. She states that she needs to leave with him and brainwashed Ragbir to agree with her.

Pragati comes to Ragbir’s room to find him packing everything. He asks Where is he going and Ragbir shows he wants to go overseas to continue photography because ge does not like business. Pragati claims that ge can not go leaving her as she enjoys him. Ragbir gets influenced by Pragati’s words but still acts rude with her.

Badi maa decides to kill Ragbir and Pragati at once after alk the possessions gets moved in her name. Ragbir is in his area opening Badi maa’s present that has a camera. She says that she wants to go and emotionally makes him agree to sign property newspapers on her title. She says that no matter what Pragati is also a woman and should proceed in her life. She asks him to give divorce to Pragati and Ragbir agrees.

Ragbir understands the property papers from Badi maa facing everybody and signs it on Badi Maa’s name shocking everybody. He says he would like to pursue photography and names all of his possessions on Badi maa. He also gives divorce papers to Pragati shocking everyone and her.

He states that he do not have any memory of her and won’t get it back also. He promises on her that he does not love her shocking Pragati and everybody. He signs the divorce papers shocking Dev and Aditi. He gives the papers to Pragati and asks her to sign also.

Kunti is rejoicing her success and is happy to find the properties on her title. Harshit comes there and why did not she name the properties . Kunti cooks up with some explanation but Harshit isn’t convinced and gets suspicious on Kunti.

Harshit gets called by Dev and Nakul who shows that they must know each of their crimes. He asks him to acknowledge the fact himself to Ragbir to ensure atleast he will relieved of fees and just his mother will get caught. Harshit doesn’t wish to betray and pretends leaves and innocent. They gets irked about whom will convince Ragbir.