Bepanah Pyaar 4th February : Raghbir Gives Brotherly Advise To Priya

Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Bepanah Pyaar 4th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Kunti is murmuring in her sleep. I wont go anywhere. I’m not mad. Do not send me to mental asylum. Sahas gives her injection. She’ll sleep till morning. Raghbir says I’ll take her to asylum after she wakes up. Harshit appears at Pragati. I told Ma to control her anger but she dint care. Now the result is facing us.

Raghbir comes to Pragati’s room. It has to be paining. She shakes her head but he makes her sit down. I’m sorry for bearing everything softly. You dint even wince once. Sorry as you needed to endure Badi Ma’s psychological condition. She assures him it’s normal. It’ll be fine in a day or 2. Ve maahi plays. He applies ice pack on her wounds and kisses her on the wounds. He feels awful to see her in pain. Someone knocks on her door. Raghbir wonders that it could be at this hour. Sahas’s voice miffs Raghbir. He’s a skeleton in our narrative. He prevents him from opening the door. This way everyone will begin thinking there is something happening. He asks her if she’s afraid of him. She tells him to hide for now. She makes him stand behind the door. Sahas walks in with the ice pack but he’s surprised to find another ice pack on the bed. He insists upon doing it being a doc. He yells Raghbir’s ice pack off. Raghbir throws something out. The noise startles Sahas. Pragati cooks an excuse. Seeing Raghbir pick up a vase, she pretends to be drowsy. Sahas leaves the ice pack on the bed. She doesn’t let him turn around. Thank you. It’s late. You also ought to rest. She closes the door . Raghbir throws something angrily. Pragati smiles. Why are you walking abruptly? He asks her if Sahas is not overly concerned about her. She tells him not to begin again. He calms down. Are you fine? She nods. How are you? I know you’re very concerned for Badi Ma. He says I’ve never actually been with her since childhood. She arrived home after too long. I really don’t want to lose her again. Pragati hugs him. The one that you don’t need to lose is

Harshit tries waking his mother but Sahas says it’s the impact of injection. I had to provide a real one as Pragati and Raghbir were here. I’d have been in trouble if I had not. He leaves. Harshit believes they underestimated Pragati. She may have become stronger because of Raghbir’s support.

Pragati informs Raghbir about Priya.

Priya is sleeping. A shadow appears on the wall. Someone jumps in. She gets tensed and yells Bhaiya but Akshay covers her mouth. She asks him why he’s here. Akshay says you understand it well. She calls it wrong. He says it isn’t right to conceal your feelings. She says I can’t sleep thinking I meet you so frequently. It’s wrong. Akshay says what you’re doing is wrong. She tells him nothing could happen between them today. I’m getting married next month. Please leave. Akshay tells her to acknowledge that Dev loves her more than him. Say it. She asks him to leave. They get tensed hearing a knock on the door. He leaves upon her petition. Priya opens the door. It’s Raghbir and Pragati. Raghbir asks her who she was talking to. She lies that she had been talking to Dev. They ask her if she’s sure. She nods. Why would I lie? Pragati says it’s since I saw you with Akshay in coffee shop now. Raghbir suggests her to not provide another opportunity to him even if she’s trying to. He can cheat you . Forget it like a terrible chapter of your life. Raghbir leaves. Pragati sits down with Priya. Do not take his words into your heart. He’s very worried for you and Shefali. He loves you very much that is the reason why I couldn’t conceal this episode from him. It feels bad equally once you break somebody’s heart or when somebody breaks your heart. Dev is a really wonderful guy. Don’t mess up your future because of your past. Think well before coming to a decision. I know you’re extremely intelligent. You may take this choice yourself. I trust you completely. She hugs Priya.

Next morning, Kunti wakes up in a hospital. Why am I here? I said I’m not mad! Raghbir tells her to relax. It’s usual check up. Pragati tells her not to worry. It’s a general check up. She refuses but doc says you have to get it done. Sahas and Harshit are amazed to find a different physician in place of the usual one. I saw the movie after which I am confident you ought to get yourself checked after. Kunti insists upon going home but Raghbir assures her she is going to be treated well here. Pragati says she loves us very much. She needs to come home but this is very important to her. Devraj and Raghbir second . Pragati tells doc to initiate the formality. Doc nods. Pragati hugs Kunti. Don’t worry. I am here. Kunti says let me get out of this after. I wont leave you! Pragati claims that can only occur only when I’ll allow you to get out of here. Nurse wheels off Kunti on a wheelchair. She gives a sign to Sahas and Harshit before going indoors. Sahas says she wants to calm herself or she’ll ruin everything. They think of a way out.

Devraj says I dint understand Kunti will respond like this again. Hope she comes home soon. Pragati recalls meeting doc last night. She asks him to convince Malhotra family that Kunti Malhotra is emotionally unstable. She can be harmful for herself and loved ones. She must be kept here for a short time. Doc agrees. Harshit appears at Pragati. You trapped Ma in her strategy but she wont stay here for a long time. Pragati thinks I know that it will hurt you to see there Raghbir but it is for your own good.