Bepanah Pyaar : Pragati Becomes Cautious About Sahas

Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Bepanah Pyaar 6th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Pragati asks Raghbir where he’s lost. You dint come upstairs. He states I forgot. I was feeling dizzy. I was tired maybe. Let us go now. She states Nakul and his buddies are on terrace. We can not go now. She holds his hands sweetly and speaks to him he feels heavy. He asks her if he can sleep. She nods. It was a really long day for you. She shuts the door. Raghbir feels strange. He gets up but is not able to hold himself together and falls on the couch.

Kunti believes this pill will weaken Raghbir’s mental ability to think and comprehend. He’ll only see what we will reveal him. Poor boy!

Sahas is taking Pragati to office. Can Raghbir feel bad? She says that my car was broken so that you dropped me rather. Why would he be upset? He makes her smile with his joke. They reach her workplace. He asks her for lunch. Raghbir is busy in a meeting. Our lunch is due since 15 days . She agrees.

A woman (Jyoti) calls Pragati Baani. They are old college buddies. Pragati is astonished to realise she knows her truth. Jyoti shares their old friend (who’s a journalist today ) told her about it. Pragati says it is wonderful to see you again. You might have met Sahas if you’d fulfilled me 5 minutes ago. Jyoti says it’s good that he left. I heard that he’s living with you in your residence. I am just trying to warn you. Sahas has been quite possessive about you since school days. Pragati says he’s always been worried about me since he is my very good friend. Jyoti reasons that friends do not feel jealous of anybody in that case but the one person whom he despised poorly during college time was Raghbir. She excuses herself as she receives a telephone. Pragati is taken aback. Sahas can’t do anything like this.

Raghbir is on a telephone with Kunti. He assures her he’s drinking the milkshake she’s sent. Kunti smirks. The countdown starts now.

Raghbir is not able to concentrate on work. He pauses for a few seconds as he lifts a glass of water. A worker (Accountant) comes to take his hint. He startles Raghbir who ends up yelling at him. Pragati enters and down him. She gives him a back up top. He opens his shirt and she’s shocked to realize that his wound has not healed. He says imitation doc gave the ointment to me. I use it thrice yet this has not healed. She states infection has increased. We’ll see a doc straight away. Change quickly. We’ll go straight away.

Sahas is attempting Pragati’s number but it’s out of coverage area. It can’t happen this time Pragati. You have to come now.

Doc checks Raghbir. He guarantees Pragati it will heal soon. Did you hurt yourself ? Raghbir denies. The ointment I use raises the itching only. Doc guarantees him the new ointment will work miracles. Pragati thinks of the past incidences and of Jyoti’s words. She notices Sahas’s incoming call and chooses it. Sahas asks her where she is. Did you forget our lunch? She denies. I’m with Raghbir. He complains that she acted partial again. You’re again with Raghbir! He ends the call. Pragati thinks of all of the times when Raghbir had tried to warn her about Sahas. Raghbir pats in her shoulder seeing her missing. She looks at him quietly. He assures her he is going to be fine soon. The meeting is shortly. Let’s go.

Raghbir and Pragati are in the car. Pragati isn’t able to choose who was right about Sahas. Raghbir finds her lost. She dismisses it but he says you believe I wont know if you wont tell me. Don’t worry so much about such a small wound. I will feel sad if you’ll be sad. Please cheer up. I believe I will need to cheer you up in Raghbir style. He leans forward to kiss her. She reminds him they’re in a vehicle but he says that this car and spouse is mine. I will do anything, anywhere, anytime! Sahas knocks on the car’s window only when Raghbir and Pragati are going to kiss. Pragati enhances the window. What is it? Sahas says I must discuss something urgent. Raghbir reprimands him Pragati informs Sahas to go. I will speak with you. He yells something angrily as he goes. Raghbir fumes. He would not have done this if you had not given him so much leverage. She tells him he’s right. I am trying to fix everything. He tells her to go. I will pick Shefali from her friend’s house.

Pragati stops Sahas. He ends up crying at her. You’re a liar! You never thought of me. You always thought of Raghbir! She informs him that Raghbir is her husband while he’s just her friend. Both the equations are different. He laughs. You are not showing me my equation but my standing. Wish you had known who is her enemy or friend. You always select the wrong way. Pragati thinks maybe I do not know his actual face. If that is true then was Jyoti correct?

Priya informs Akshay not to trouble her again and again. Nothing may work out between us. He asks her to meet him one final time. I have acute health complications. She agrees. She turns and notices Raghbir and Shefali seeing her. Raghbir asks her if there’s some problem. She denies. My buddy is forcing me to meet her. Raghbir tells her to go. Priya leaves. Raghbir informs Shefali to eat correctly. Kunti tells him to eat also. She gives him breakfast. Pragati texts Raghbir to consume less. I’ve made your favorite breakfast. We’ll have it together in workplace. Kunti tells him to eat something. He says I’m kind of full. She thinks to make him drink milkshake so the medication can show its impact. She convinces him to drink it. He finishes the whole glass. Raghbir believes both Badi Ma and Pragati will make me a Sumo wrestler. He takes her leave. Kunti believes learn to say goodbye forever because that’s what you need to tell me one day.