Beyhad 2 : In Maya’s love, Rishi cut his hand vein, will MJ Roy be broken after seeing the condition of his son?

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

In today’s episode of Extremely 2, it will be shown that Mritunjay Roy, the dear son of MJ Roy, Rudra will cut the vein of his hand in Maya’s love and say that if Maya does not find him then he will die. MJ Roy loves Rudra very much and in such a situation he will not be able to see the flowing blood of the son and promise him that he will bring that girl in his life. Maya is seen attacking MJ Roy’s wife. Apart from this, MJ Roy is hopeful that Rudra’s investor will definitely come to the party.

Today’s episode is going to be a lot more fun as Maya is seen going to the party. Now it will be interesting to see if Maya encounters Rishi and his father MJ Roy besides Rudra at the party. On the other hand, in the last episode of Ati 2, viewers saw that MJ Roy goes to meet his son Rudra in his company. During this, Maya is also present there. Maya gets very upset hearing MJ Roy’s call and her hands and feet start trembling.

Maya feels so scared of MJ Roy that she starts crying and hides under the table of Rudra’s room in fear. At the same time, MJ Roy encounters Maya before Rudra comes there and tells MJ Roy to get out of the company. Rudra is angry with his father and tells him that the world will be afraid of you but not me. Whatever you try to destroy me, but I will not let it happen.

After MJ Roy leaves the company, Rudra sees Maya panicked under the table and hands her out. Afraid of MJ Roy, Maya is scared and comes out holding Rudra’s hand and starts crying with her hug. Seeing Maya upset, Rudra goes with her to leave her, but in the meantime, this happens, which Maya will not even expect. In fact, Rudra’s brother Rishi recognizes Maya’s car and is moving towards Maya. Maya is terrified to see Rishi coming to her because if Rudra sees Rishi with Maya, then his whole plan will be destroyed.