Beyhadh 2: Rudra’s life in trouble, Maya gave 4 minutes 44 seconds to escape

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Maya is seen crossing all limits in extreme 2, in such a situation, it seems that the family of Mrityunjay Roy is going to be destroyed very soon. Today’s episode of Extremely 2 will show that Rudra goes to meet Maya where Maya puts a condition in front of him that he will invest in her company only when he is able to survive 4 minutes 44 seconds against his wrestler in the ring.

Rudra will find it all very easy initially, but during this time his life will be made in the ring and he will be soaked with blood. Maya will ask him to come out of the ring but Rudra will ignore Maya’s words and say that he would like to die in the ring but not come out. Now in such an episode, it has to be seen whether Rudra is a victim of Maya’s anger or he will be able to save his life.

At the same time, in the last episode of Extreme 2, it was shown that when Rudra goes to meet Maya, he asks him why he kept the fight time 4 minutes 44 seconds, does he have any deep connection with this time. After listening to Rudra’s words, Maya goes into the past and starts remembering old things. At the same time, Rishi, the dear son of Mrityunjay Roy, has fallen completely in love with Maya and he can do anything to get her for the moment.

Maya has trapped Rishi in the trap of his love, in which MJ Roy is oblivious to Maya’s plan. Although he has some doubt. In the last episode, we saw that when Rishi comes home with a broken heart, his father MJ Roy sees him crying and tells his mother that today Rishi has a broken heart but tomorrow when he breaks his heart again he will cry No. Listening to MJ Roy, his mother says that he should take care that his son does not become like him and in the case of becoming strong, he should not go into the wrong hands.

At the same time, Rudra is seen hating Maya, but he will not be able to do so for a long time and gradually his hatred will turn into love for Maya. In such a situation, the mountain of troubles on MJ Roy is almost certain.