Beyhadh 2 2nd March 2020: Maya finds out that Aditya is an investigating journalist

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Beyhadh 2 2nd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode starts withMaya stating that she’s incomplete without Rudra. Ananya says that there isn’t any need of her leaves and there.

Maya asks sorry to Rudra and states that she’s changed since the day he’s come in his life so why her novel should not change. Rudra claims that her book is her life so that it’s her choice, just that love ought to be his. Maya says forever. Rudra kisses her brow and then they hug.

Nandini hears Antara coming back in her room and gets stressed. Antara is going to get inside her room when she sees Nandini out and asks her what she’s doing there. Nandini says she got lost in such a large house and then leaves.

Antara enters in her room and takes her pills from the drawer. She eats them and then sits on bed. She suddenly starts coughing and feels like vomiting. Nandini looks at her from outside.

Rudra asks Maya if he can enter at the office. She thinks about it. Rudra claims that it is his office. Maya says that he announced her boss so this is her workplace. Rudra says that not even his boss could prevent him from fulfilling his wife. He tells Maya that he discovered a new way to market her book. Maya says that she does not wish to see her pictures everywhere. Rudra reminds her that no photograph of hers leaked after the reception celebration because he used Roy’s name. He informs her that they’ll hold an interview where they’ll talk only about her job as well as the journalist will keep her comfortable. Maya asks him who the journalist is. Rudra asks Aditya to come indoors.

Rudra tells Maya that he will interview her. Rajiv enters and says he has to talk to Maya’s supervisor first and introduces himself to Aditya. Rudra tells Maya that Aditya is a large investigating journalist. Aditya says his job is to disclose the truth to the world. He states that before specialist work they ought to make a personal equation also. Aditya asks Maya to get a coffee date and she accepts.Rudra takes him out.

Maya scolds Rajiv for not finding out that Aditya was an investigating journalist. She states that she can not do this interview or Aditya will find her out truth. Maya says that she can not lose Rudra. Rajiv asks her sorry and promises not to repeat such a mistake and be cautious.

On the other hand Antara asks Nandini if she traded her pills. She asks her if she’s put poison instead of tablets. Nandini says she replaced the pills with vitamins. Antara asks her medication back. Nandini gives it back to her asks her to not take lots of them. Antara pushes her off and she falls into Maya’s arm and Rudra only entered. Maya asks her what happened. Nandini lies that she simply slipped. Maya takes her off after glaring Antara.

Maya asks Nandini what occurred. She states that she slipped. Maya says that she’s looking down so she’s lying. Rudra includes ice packs and cream Nandini with it. Maya smiles looking at them.Rudra inquires Nandini if she’s happy in this house. She answers that nothing has occurred and she’s quite satisfied. He says he will come with another scoop of ice cream after attending a telephone. Nandini says that lucky men and women get someone like Rudra in their lifetime. Maya says he brings fortune in the lives of people he’s around.

After some time Aditya tells Rudra that Maya has refused to provide interview. Rudra says he is going to talk to her. Aditya stops him and says that profound wounds do not disappear soon. Rudra says he is right and there’s a deep wound which has marked Maya. Aditya suggests Rudra to share his pain with her because he should have hurt deeply too after Rishi’s death. He indicates him to take Maya to their particular location. Rudra thanks him for the thought.

Afterwards Rudra covers Maya’s eyes with a black fabric. She asks him where he’s taking her. He answers that it is going to be the first step towards peace, somewhere where she’ll forget everything.

He takes him into a room and asks Maya to listen. Maya suddenly hears Rishi’s voice and has shocked. She removes the cloth from her eyes and sees Rishi’s video displayed on the wall. Rudra tells Maya that Rishi was the remedy to his pain until she came into his life. Aditya is there also and states that Rishi knew how to make everything nice. Rudra says it was Aditya’s thought to bring her and make her part of his life. He states that Rishi is no longer there but they could feel his presence, his laughter, his singing. He recalls the moments spent with Rishi and then looks at his image emotionally. He says that the person who was the remedy of his pain gave him the largest wound. Aditya says that if she’d understood Rishi he’d have come to understand about his insanity and could have loved him also. Maya remembers Rishi and cries. Aditya asks her why she’s crying. Rudra goes to her and says that these tears are due to their or her pain. They hug. Aditya says that whoever snatched their Rishi should lose a dear one also so as to comprehend this pain. Aditya gets a telephone. Rudra asks Maya to depart. Maya leaves with him glaring at Aditya.

Aditya receives MJ’s telephone and he asks him about Maya’s interview. Aditya talks with him standing on balcony. Maya walks towards Aditya from behind remembering Rudra stating that it had been his idea to bring her there and also Aditya’s words. Aditya turns around after cutting the telephone and sees Maya facing him. Maya grabs his hands.