Beyhadh 2 : Rudra And Maya’s Marriage

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Beyhadh 2 4th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Maya brings Rudra to river coast and plays with his CPR pleading him not to leave her alone. Folks gather around her and help her take Rudra into hospital. Maya rushes Rudra on stretcher and calls physician. Wardboy asks her to fill form . She points scalpel on him and warns to call physician first. Doctor chooses Rudra into ICU.

Maya reminisces time spent Rudra, his love for her, etc.. She then reminisces MJ slapping and abusing her and angrily walks out giving MJ’s phone to physician and asking to call Rudra’s family. Doctor asks who’s she then. She says she’s no one. She reaches questions and temple god why did not Rudra come into her life before, why did not she get the happiness she deserves before. She continues pouring out her heart and gets into car to depart from there.

Rudra stops Maya and shooting her near Shivji’s idol says he loves her and to tell she does not love him. She stammers. He says if it isn’t love, why did she get him from death and rescue him he heard what she told and what she did not, reminiscing Maya confessing her love for him. He holds her and says that he won’t let her move and his love will bind her forever. He says she does not love him. He says he won’t ever abandon her hand and he learnt from her that love isn’t pain but peace, he’ll prove that love isn’t about gaining but losing, he’ll sacrifice his entire life for her. He chooses red cloth/chunri out of Shivji’s feet and says in her love he desired to fill so much colours in life that black color appears dull. He dorns chunri on her and takes pheras around havan fire shooting vows to love her forever, protect her forever, keep her prior to any connection, etc.. She repeats same vows, and they both finish 7 pheras and finish their wedding. Then he hugs her. She believes her one vow is just her, MJ’s destroyal and her revenge will be complete with MJ’s death, her strength will be Rudra’s love. She’s teary eyes says I love you. He wipes her tears and says I love you too. She says she’ll ask 1 thing in life that he will give with no question or hesitation. Rudra promises.