Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Vikram’s truth is out in front of Maya

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Sony TV’s  show has been witnessing many twists and turns recently.
Maya doesn’t remember her identity whereas Rudra is finding her. Maya feels uncomfortable when Vikram tries to get intimate with her while Rudra swears to kill Maya.

Maya has no clue that her mom is locked down in basement.Vikram takes Maya to a club when Rudra also reaches there. Maya feels his presence but before she could see him Vikram takes her inside. Maya asks him to leave her alone for some time meanwhile Nandini tries to escape.

Maya sees a newspaper and that time Rudra enters the club. When she bends down to get it she sees the blue shoes she had earlier seen in the balcony.She gets up to see the face but before she could see him lights go off. Vikram drags Rudra and beats him. He then takes Maya home when Rajiv spots Maya.
Vikram handles Nandini while Maya is about to find her and is interrupted by Rajiv. Vikram hits him and takes Maya to room. She is stressed and starts doubting Vikram meanwhile Rudra tells MJ that he saw Maya.Vikram comes to room and gets coffee for Maya which contains nuts which she is allergic to. Next day he apologizes to her for coffee.

Maya tells him that she wants to cook Italian and he goes for getting the required stuff. She doubts that how does he not know about her allergies if he loves her. She searches the house for some clues and finds a dead Rajiv locked in cupboard and is taken aback. That moment Vikram comes back for taking his wallet and Maya quickly goes and lies down in bed.

Vikram comes to know that Maya has uncovered his truth and goes to confront her. She gets scared and asks him why he killed Rajiv. He  says he can kill anyone who makes her cry. He then forces her to cook food while dealing with Rajiv’s body. A delivery boy comes and Vikram opens the door. Maya tries to seek help and makes some noise but doesn’t succeed.

Vikramshows her photo with her mom and she sees it. She tries to escape but Vikram tries to stop her. She goes into a room and finds her mom and unties her. Nandini asks about Rudra and Maya doesn’t seem to remember anything. While Rudra finds his shirt with Maya’s footprints and remembers his good moments with her. On the other hand Vikram finds Maya and Nandini.

Vikram gives first aid to Nandini and asks Maya not to go close to her till he doesn’t get convinced that Maya will stay with him. But Maya does the opposite and hence Vikram ties Nandini downstairs and ties Maya with chains. Maya pleads to him and shouts for help but is helpless. Antara asks Rudra to close his eyes and decide what he really wants to do. He says he hates Maya and will surely kill her.

MJ and Amir see the CCTV footage of theclub and see a girl resembling Maya. Amir sees the man he saw at Vikram’s house. Meanwhile Vikram tries to go close to Maya but she resists him. He says he loves her but she says that is not love, it is just. Rudra sits and remembers Rishi and vows to punish Maya for killing Rishi. Maya says to Vikram that if he would love her then he wouldn’t have chained her. He opens her up and she asks him to prove his love.

What will she demand from Vikram and will she gain her memory back?
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