Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Story: Rishi tells Malishka that she can never be Lakshmi


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Zee TV popular show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline. Currently, Malishka insults Lakshmi has glued the audience to the screens.
As reported earlier Malishka reminds Rishi that she brought Lakshmi to this house to save his life from Makesh Dosh.

Rishi wipes off Malishka’s tears and says he has no other intentions than saving Lakshmi. Rishi says to Malishka that he is going to marry her and he is doing Lakshmi’s marriage. Rishi asks Malishka to keep it in her mind and understand the difference. Malishka comments on what Rishi said.

Malishka wakes up Lakshmi and argues with her for ruining her Valentine’s Day. Lakshmi tries to explain to Malishka but she doesn’t listen to anything that Lakshmi says and blames Lakshmi for ruining her day. Lakshmi gets fed up and asks her to leave. Malishka leaves from there.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Rishi will ask Lakshmi why he can’t come to her room. Lakshmi says this house is yours, but not this room. She says this room is mine. He says you are mine. Malishka asks Sonal if she thinks Lakshmi will not let Rishi become hers.

Sonal says probably yes. Malishka gets worried. Ayush asks Lakshmi if she had eaten or drunk something. Rishi tells Malishka that today she has proved one thing, that she can never become Lakshmi.

Will Malishka realize Rishi and Lakshmi are a destined couple?

Will Malishka get caught?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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